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In any event, the menu is one of the most controlling element to seal a perfect experience. It is considered as a list of all food and beverages that is offered in a certain restaurant, cafe, or bar for a catering a certain event, party, or function. Check out our list of event menu templates and choose the menu design that suits your preferences.

Event Menu Template

event menu template
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Corporate Event Menu Template

corporate event menu template
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Elegant Event Menu Template

elegant event menu template
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Birthday Event Menu in PSD

Birthday Bash Event Menu

birthday bash event menu1Download

Birthday Celebration Event Menu

birthday celebration event menuDownload

Corporate Event Menu in PSD

Corporate Charity Event Menu

corporate charity event menuDownload

Corporate Family Event Menu

corporate family event menuDownload

Dinner Event Menu in PSD

Dinner Concert Event Menu

dinner concert event menuDownload

Dinner Fundraising Event Menu

dinner fundraising event menuDownload

Formal Event Menu in PSD

Formal Social Event Menu

formal social event menuDownload

Formal Lunch Event Menu

formal lunch event menuDownload

Gala Event Menu in PSD

Gala Spring Event Menu

gala spring event menuDownload

Gala Awards Event Menu

gala awards event menuDownload

Gala Catering Event Menu

gala catering event menuDownload

The Early Life of Menus

Never underestimate the power of a simple food menu because it plays an essential role in an event. It can truly affect the dynamic of the event. The menu reflects the overall personality of the event’s host and the theme’s message. Nowadays, we encounter different types of menus every day, but little do we know about its historical roots. Here are some highlights of its early beginnings:

  • According to historians, the discovery of the menu dates back to the Song Dynasty in China. Most of the communities during that time is largely populated and had little time and energy to cook and prepare their own meals because of the busy schedules. Because of this, merchants found a way to cater to the food-related needs of the community.
  • The variations in the Chinese cuisine from different regions became the trigger on the creation of the menu.
  • Despite of its Chinese roots, the term menu is French in origin. Originally, menus during this time were prepared in a small chalkboard for the customers to see and check out.

Nowadays, menus come in various forms and designs. In light of all of this, the essential purpose of a menu to provide convenience to both the customers and restaurant owners is still prevalent. You can also check out additional event menu samples to give you more options.

Why Are Event Menus Relevant?

When it comes to providing the overall ambiance and mood of any event, the menu is as important as to the purpose of the event itself. It is one of the elements of an event that can either contribute to the success or cause its gradual failure. That is why the event planner must not take for granted the design and structure of an event’s menus. He or she must plan the food right. Here are some other reasons why they are relevant:

  • To inform the guests. A menu will give your guests an idea of what you are serving them in the course of the event. It is something that they can look forward to. You can also indicate where they can access the drinking, desert, or fruit station.
  • To instill convenience. Going back to the overall purpose of the menu, which is to provide convenience. The guests don’t need to approach the buffet table just to check what dishes are in store for them.
  • To serve as a reminder. The menu will also serve as a reminder for those guests who have food allergies. They will know what dishes to avoid.
  • To serve as a marketing strategy. For the hosts or the caterers themselves, the menu is also a marketing tool for them. It will help promote the profitability by enticing potential customers.

Hence, menus are relevant in all aspects, be it on the hosts’ and guests’ perspective. It is an enticing and informative way presenting one’s dishes. Furthermore, you can also check out these menu layout templates, which are also of great quality and design.

Luxury Event Menu in PSD

Luxury Bridal Event Menu

luxury bridal event menu1Download

Luxury Real Estate Event Menu

luxury real estate event menuDownload

Sporting Event Menu in PSD

Sporting Club Event Menu

sporting club event menu1Download

Customized Sporting Event Menu

customized sporting event menu1Download

Sporting Event Menu Wording

sporting event menu wordingDownload

Wedding Event Menu in PSD

Wedding Shower Event Menu

wedding shower event menu1Download

Rustic Wedding Event Menu

rustic wedding event menuDownload

Winter Event Menu in PSD

Winter Community Event Menu

winter community event menuDownload

Winter Classic Event Menu

winter classic event menuDownload

Winter Carnival Event Menu

winter carnival event menuDownload

Army Event Menu in PSD

Army Team Event Menu

army team event menuDownload

Free Army  Event Menu

free army event menuDownload

Social Events and Menus

Planning and organizing an event is not that easy. There are a lot of factors to take into account. Mostly, the type of event will also give the event organizer and the caterer an idea of the kind of menu to design. The type of menu design must be in consonance to the type of event.

Social Events are private in nature. This includes a planned event which involves large groups of people which is hosted or organized by a family or association. Here are some examples of social events:

  • Weddings. This kind of social event celebrates the union of two individuals together with their friends and families. The wedding menu is very crucial. Taking into account that each wedding is unique,the organizer must take into account interests of favorites of the bride and groom. You can also check out our wedding menu templates for reference and ideas.
  • Reunions. Family reunions have become a huge event nowadays. With more and more family relatives scattered around the country or even around the world, family reunions bring all of them closer together.
  • Birthdays. This kind of event is celebrated to honor and to give thanks for the gift of life and love.
  • Rites of passage. These are referring to baptism, confirmation, debutante ball, and many more. Most cultures pay attention to the various rites of passage in their lives or the lives of their children. These are referring to events that could mark another stage or chapter in person’s life. For instance, a debutante ball comprises of a debutante, who is a young lady who reached the age of maturity or becomes already eligible for marriage, is introduced by her parents to the society in a formal and grand manner.

These are just some social events that will be needing an outstanding event menu. The menu contributes to the overall structure, theme, and presentation of the event.

Types of Menu

After knowing the dynamics of the event, then you’ll need decide on a type of menu. An event menu also comes in various forms, designs, and sizes. Here are some of them:

  • Menu board. This type of menu is mostly used by fast-food restaurants and cafe- style establishments. The menu is provided by using a large poster or display board format up high on the wall or above the service counter. This is used by most fast-food food stores in order for a large number of people to access and evidently see them. Nowadays, some cafes also used chalkboards to display the entire menu.
  • Paper. In here, the length, paper quality, and structure of the menu would depend on the event, guests, and how they are organized. To protect the menu from spills and wear, it may be protected by a heat-sealed vinyl page protector.
  • Online menu. Nowadays, online menus are becoming a favorite among restaurants and cafes. It is accessible and at the same time can save a lot of paper, for that matter. In the case of events, online menu can serve a reminder. But mostly tangible paper menus are given to the guests.

These are just some menu types that you should take into account. Choose a menu type that could give justice to the purpose and theme of your party or event.

The Psychology behind the Colors in a Menu Design

According to research, your menu should express a positive statement about you and the event. The menu must be in excellent quality, including its visual aspect. In line with this, the color scheme matters a lot. You must adopt the right color scheme in your menu design. A single color could mean a lot of things. Colors can have a subconscious impact on our perceptions. Here are some colors that you can take note of:

  • Green color. It can channel an idea to the guests that your serving a vegan inspired dishes. It could mean that the food you’re serving is fresh and healthy.
  • Red and yellow. These color signify power and exuberance. That is why most fast-food chains and restaurants apply such color scheme.
  • Neutral colors and white. These colors represent flexibility and versatility. Rose-toned neutrals complement skin tones as well as the appearance of food. Not only do these colors tend to neutralize food colors but also contributes to its glare.

These are some ideas that you can take note in designing your event menu. Hence, in designing your menu, you must take into account the holistic theme behind the design.

Event BBQ Menu in PSD

Event BBQ Planning Menu

event bbq planning menuDownload

Event BBQ Grill Menu

event bbq grill menuDownload

Event BBQ Cookout Menu

event bbq cookout menuDownload

Black Tie Event Menu in PSD

Black Tie Beach Event Menu

black tie beach event menuDownload

Black Tie Work Event Menu

black tie work event menuDownload

Anniversary Event Menu in PSD

50th Anniversary Event Menu


50th anniversary event menu2Download

Funny Anniversary Event Menu

funny anniversary event menuDownload

Summer Event Menu in PSD


Summer Festival Event Menu

summer festival event menuDownload

Business Event Menu in PSD

Business Event Invitation Menu

business event invitation menuDownload

Business Casual Event Menu

business casual event menuDownload

Business Development Event Menu

business development event menuDownload

Tips to Create an Event Menu That Will Impress Your Guests

In a certain event, carefully planning the food and beverage is a must. It can contribute to the success of the program or event. Your event must satisfy the intellectual, social, and appetite of your guests. A delicious meal can seal the deal. To help you, here are some tips that you may consider:

  • Understand the guest profile. In a certain event, it is inevitable that guests have various interests and come from various backgrounds. In here, you need to take into account the professional level, the number of guests, and the culture and ethnic backgrounds of your respective guests.
  • Know your guest preferences. After knowing the kind of guests that you will be having, you are now ready to work on the menu options. What is material here is that you consider what your guests will enjoy more basing on the type of event you are planning.
  • Provide more menu choices. In cases where it is impossible to precisely know the preferences of all of your guests, there is no need to worry. You can provide them with a wide range of menu options. You can provide several entrées or menu choices to ensure that you can cater as much as possible the preferences of the guests.
  • Anticipate special needs. Aside from the innate differences as to taste, there are also guests who will have special dietary needs. You must ensure that you also anticipate these kind of needs. Some people may have food allergies, food intollerances, religious requirements, and voluntary dietary restrictions.
  • Choose a menu that is in consonance to your event schedule. In here, you can either choose a plated meal, buffets, or working breakfasts or lunches. This is also done in order to preserve the food’s freshness.

These are just some tips that you may consider in building up your event’s menu. You can also checkout our array of food menu, banquet menu, and buffet menu templates. They are also of great quality and design.

Downloadable Event Menu Templates

Indeed, there are a lot of factors to take into account in building your event menu from the designing aspect to the dishes itself. If you are pressed with time and need a little push of inspiration in designing your invites, then you can simply download our templates. To do this, follow the simple steps below:

  • Choose a design. You can simply scroll down and check out the list of templates. While scrolling down, there are also bits of relevant information and facts that are relevant and can add to your knowledge about menus and events.
  • Click on the green Download button below the chosen template in order to start downloading your chosen template.

Indeed, Template.net offers a variety of templates for you. You have a lot of options to choose from. Enjoy your stay on our page!

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