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A common value all of us share is finding happiness and we have different ways of finding them. Others find happiness being with friends, some also find happiness through food and comfort, and others simply find happiness by throwing parties. Parties would be the most favorable of all sources of happiness as it is one of the easiest thing to do and you get to meet new people by joining parties.

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In throwing parties, you will have to consider many things like the food and where to find the best catering service, the location for your party, the menu design, and theme of the party. But for this topic, we share some party menu designs you can use to create your own party menus and a brief description for some designs on where they can be used for. You can also download bridal party invitations from our website to go along with your party menus.

Tea Party Menu Designs

Tea Party Menu

tea party menu Free Download

Tea Party Cafe Menu

tea party cafe menu2 Download

Tea Party Menu Design

tea party menu design Download

What Are Menus?

Menus are lists that restaurants or any food establishments use to display their different food and beverages to their customers. It is also a basis where customers get to choose their orders as well. Menus usually come in different designs, shapes, and sizes depending on the establishment’s theme. Using menus will also save the time from customer’s going to the counter to check for the different food and beverages available as well.

You can also use menus to place any new products or promotions for advertising purposes as well. This saves you the time from displaying them by different means like flyers and such. Menus can either be physical copies for guests to hold which most food establishments have or menus can be used digitally, wherein you can place them in tablets and let the customers choose.

Why Are Menus Important?

Menus, specifically in parties, are important because they give guests the guide to choose their food and beverage they may want, especially if they are unfamiliar with the food being served. Menus will also give customers the advantage to know a short description about each food and drink, and can take note of what and what not to order.

Different Party Menu designs

In creating a menu, one must always consider the design and makes sure that the menu design matches the restaurant’s theme for it to look creative and have more appeal to attract customers to read every detail in them. Below are a few party menu designs you can use to create your own menu or alter the template to improve the design itself:

  • Birthday Party Menu Design – These types of menu designs are commonly used in birthday parties. The designs may range differently depending on the one celebrating. The designs may include birthday-themed designs. Some designs may be basic ones to using more creative borderlines and overlays to make the menus look attractive.
  • Dinner Party Menu Design – You can use these types of party menus for dinner parties or get-togethers. The designs that this type of menu has are basic to abstract designs making them look more formal and easy to read as well. Commonly, expensive restaurants or food establishments also use these types of menus.
  • Cocktail Party Menu Design – These types of menu designs can also be used for dinner parties and are usually given together with other kinds of menu to the customer. Basically, cocktail menus are add-ons to an original dinner menu you may get in a food and beverage establishment. In big restaurants, a cocktail bar is also separate from the main restaurant which requires them to have a separate menu for customers.
  • Summer Party Menu Design – You can use these types of menus if you want to throw a summer party which these types of menu templates will be useful. The designs this type of menu design usually contains summer-themed decorations, attractive borderlines, and overlays as well to give a summer kind of effect in their menu designs without covering too much of the details.
  • BBQ Party Menu Design – These types of menu designs are commonly used if you want to throw big BBQ parties wherein, the designs for these types you can apply are also usually summer-themed designs as well.
  • Graduation Party Menu Design – You can use these types of designs if you want to throw graduation parties. The use of graduation party menus are usually applied for parties using catering services to guide guests on what food or beverage to choose.
  • Wedding Party Menu Design – These types of menu designs are commonly used for weddings wherein, these designs may contain wedding-themed decorations, borderlines, or overlays. But like any other template available, you can also alter the designs themselves to improve creativity and make your menu look more attractive without covering the details.
  • Holiday Party Menu Design – You can use these types of designs if you are throwing a party on the holidays. The designs and decorations that contain in this template include holiday-themed decorations, which you can use for the Christmas season.

You can also check out our website if you need more templates and designs to create your own artwork or if you need a guide to make a design. You can also download farewell party invitations and housewarming party invitations from our website.

Graduation Party Menu Designs

Graduation Outdoor Party Menu Cover

graduation outdoor party menu Download

Graduation S’mores Party Menu

brunch graduation party menu Download

 Wedding Party Menu Designs

Printable Wedding Party Menu Card

wedding after party menu Download

Wedding Reception Party Menu

wedding reception party menu Download

Wedding Party Menu

bridal wedding party menu Download

Holiday Party Menu Designs

Holiday Party Buffet Menu

holiday party buffet menu1 Download

What Should a Party Menu Contain?

As much as design is important in which a party menu should have, you should also consider other factors when making your own party menu as well. A party menu should contain the correct content in which, the content should contain clear and concise information about the different descriptions of the food and beverage items, and especially the pricing.

Contents should also contain the different types of food, selections, and vegetarian options for your customers or guests to choose from. These are all important contents you need to place in a menu to keep your guests or customers informed on your different food and beverages available.

Birthday Party Menu Designs

Kids Birthday Party Menu

kids birthday party menu Download

Baby Birthday Party Menu

baby birthday party menu Download

Dinner Party Menu Designs

Valentine Dinner Party Menu

dinner party summer menu1 Download

Formal Dinner Party Menu

formal dinner party menu5 Download

Cocktail Party Menu Designs

Cocktail Drink Party Menu

cocktail drink party menu5 Download

Fall Cocktail Party Menu

fall cocktail party menu Download

Summer Party Menu Designs

Summer Garden Party Menu

summer garden party menu Download

Summer Anniversary Party Menu

summer anniversary party menu Download

BBQ Party Menu Designs

BBQ Themed Party Menu Cover Design

bbq themed party menu Download

Ways to Design Your Menu

There are different ways to design your menu, you can either design them digitally by using different software programs or you can design them manually by making your menus through different raw materials you can find.

If you feel confident about using different photo editing software and other editing programs, you can create complex designs with the different tools you can use and make creative looking menu designs for your parties. An advantage of being able to make your designs digitally is being able to have the convenience of being able to correct mistakes right away. You are also able to make different shapes and objects with just a few clicks.

You can also create your DIY party menu as well by using different materials which you can buy from different stores. Being able to design your party menu physically will help you create attractive party menus for customers or guests to look at. Be aware of your designs though as you may not want to place too much designs in your menu that will cover up the details which will make it difficult for the reader to read.

Design Ideas For Your Party Menu

There are times when you just want to apply your own ideas in your party menu designs even if they go off-course from the original theme you’re set up for. Below are some examples of concepts you can apply to your party menu designs to improve their creativity and have more appeal:

  • Vintage Designs – You can include different vintage designs to create your party menu. Using vintage decorations, borderlines, and overlays will make your designs have a vintage feel or have an old-themed design. Vintage concepts also help decorate your party menus for Halloween parties or vintage-themed parties as well.
  • Chalkboard Concept – You can also apply different chalkboard effects to your party menu to make them look like cafe menus and more colorful with different chalkboard borderlines, overlays, and font styles you can think of.
  • Floral Concept – You can add different kinds of floral decorations to your menus to make them look more attractive and be more appealing to look as well. You can apply these types of concepts to your overlays, borderlines, and font styles to make them look more creative. Just be sure not to include the details of your content when using these types of designs.

You can also check out different party flyer examples and corporate party invitations from our website for more sources and information.

Pizza Party Menu Designs

Homemade Pizza Party Menu

homemade pizza party menu1 Download

Gourmet Pizza Party Menu

gourmet pizza party menu Download

Baby Shower Party Menu Designs

Baby Shower Confetti Party Menu

baby shower confetti party menu Download

Blank Baby Shower Party Menu

baby shower slumber party menu Download

Pink Glitter Baby Shower Party Menu

baby shower reveal party menu Download

Other Details to Place in Your Party Menu

Besides from placing the name of the different dishes and short description about each dish and beverage. You will also have to place other details in your party menus like placing your contact details if you happen to be the one catering to your customers. This will give other customers an idea on who to contact when they will be doing their own parties.

Other details you will have to keep in mind will also be how legible you design the food and beverage descriptions and names itself. Guests will have a difficult time reading the menu items if you make your fonts too complicated. You will also have to arrange your food and beverage items in your party menu, this is to prevent confusion from guests trying to find sections like appetizers, desserts, and etc.

An important detail you will also have to look out for is presentability of your party menu. You will have to use creative but appropriate decorations that do not stand out too much that may disinterest customers or guests from looking at your menu. You will also have to be presentable on how many food and beverages you will serve as well.

Preparing for Parties

There are certain factors you will have to follow when setting up for parties. Below are some details you will need to follow when preparing for parties. The following include:

  • Schedule – You will have to prepare the schedule when you are going to throw your party and the schedule for the program as well for everything to be organized on the day of the program.
  • Invitations – You will also need to distribute your invitations in advance for your to inform your guests ahead of time on what the party will be about, what to bring, and what to expect on the day of the program. Sending invitations ahead of time will also give you a final headcount for the total number of people attending and help them on what to prepare as well, especially if they have roles to do in your party.
  • Follow-up on Food – Being able to follow-up on the food and beverages for your party is important, as you need enough food and beverages to serve your guests. It is also advisable to acquire more supplies to expect any plus-ones guests might bring to your party.
  • Guest Count – You will also have to consider the guest count for you to estimate if all of you will fit in your venue. Being able to estimate the number of people coming to your event will give you the advantage of being able to expand your venue if you think everyone will feel congested or crowded in a small place.

Our website offers different templates and information for different projects you might want to do in the future. We also offer different party menu templates or designs for you to choose from to make your own designs or alter the templates to improve the creativity within your designs. You can also check out our website for a party menu in PSD or a blank party menu design.

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