35+ Cafe Menu Templates – Free Sample, Example Format Download!

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A cafeteria or simply a cafe is an ideal place for people to just hang out with their friends and loved ones in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. That is the ambience you need in you cafe! And remember, your menu is a part of your overall ambience, which means you need to get your hands on a menu that has the above mentioned quality. To do that, you could look up some free menu templates online. You can also see Free Menu Templates. A cafe menu template sample should have a fun and appealing look which is enough to grab the attention of your audience. Once you download the template of your choice, just edit the details and add the beverages and snacks you serve in your cafe, and you’ll be good to go! You can also see Menu Templates.

Cafe Menu Template in PSD

cafe-menu-template-in-psd Buy Now

Arleys Cafe Menu Design Template

arleys-cafe-menu-design-template Buy Now

Printable Cafe Bake Menu Template

printable-cafe-bake-menu-template Buy Now

McCafe Menu Design Showcase

mccafe-menu-design-showcase Buy Now

Cafe Menu Table Tent Template in Word

cafe-menu-table-tent-template-in-word Buy Now

Editable Cafe Menu Trifold Template

editable-cafe-menu-trifold-template Buy Now

Cafe Tri-Fold Brochure Menu Template

cafe-tri-fold-brochure-menu-template Buy Now

Cherry Bakery Menu Template

cherry-bakery-menu-template Buy Now

Restaurant Menu Template

restaurant-menu-template Buy Now

Food Menu Template

food-menu-template-psd Buy Now

Drinks Menu Template

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Elegant Menu Template

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Simple Cafe Menu PSD Format Download

simple cafe menu psd format download

If you want to make a wonderful cafe menu on a single page, this sample template is for you. Several categories can be includes with a few photos of the fast food included.

Vector Format of Cafe Menu Template

vector format of cafe menu template

With this free vector format cafe menu template you can create an impressive artistic menu. The example can be downloaded here for free and edited to have the information relevant to your cafe.

Blackboard Cafe Menu Vector Format Download

blackboard cafe menu vector format download

This cafe menu template is designed professionally to help anyone make a blackboard menu. It has a wide layout that allows many items on the menu. Download the sample her in Vector format.

Trifold Cafe Menu AI Illustrator Format Download

trifold cafe menu ai illustrator format download

If you want your cafe menu to look good and be loved by customers then use this tri fold menu template. An example can be downloaded from this site in AI Illustrator format.

Restaurant Cafe Menu Template Design Sample Download

restaurant cafe menu template design sample download

With our sample cafe menu template collections you can create a menu of your choice. This sample has five options to make your restaurant stand out. Download it today and make the change.

Italian Cafe Menu Vector EPS Format Download

italian cafe menu vector eps format download

In order to present to your customers a great Italian cafe menu, you can use our professionally created example template. It has the backdrop of the Italian flag and some delicious cuisines.

Example Green Menu for a Cafe or Restaurant Template

example green menu for a cafe or restaurant template

This is a simple menu template example made in two pages to arrange the menu items neatly and also show the cafe name. Download the template here free of charge and create your menu.

Chalkboard Coffee Menu Sample Download

chalkboard coffee menu sample download

This wonderful cafe menu can be downloaded in the available sample format for creating your menu. Designed in a chalkboard theme, the template has drawings of coffee mugs with short descriptions and prices under each.

Cafe Menu Indesign Format Template Download

cafe menu indesign format template download

You cannot go wrong with this classic cafe menu design. The example is created in brown and white colors with a great layout to give the menu a good display of items.

Cafe Menu Template Sample Download

cafe menu template sample download

There is nothing that spells simplicity like this sample cafe menu template. It is designed like a regular handwritten board that stands at the entrance. Download it here today for free.

PSD Format of Colorfull Cafe Menu Template Download

psd format of colorfull cafe menu template download

Modern Bistro Cafe Menu Template Sample Download

modern bistro cafe menu template sample download

Example Paris Photography Cafe Menu Sign Template

example paris photography cafe menu sign template

Restaurant & Cafe Menu Pack PSD Format Download

restaurant cafe menu pack psd format download

Cafe Menu Pack PSD Format Template Download

cafe menu pack psd format template download

Teal Cafe Door with Chalkboard Menu Template Sample Download

teal cafe door with chalkboard menu template sample download

Asian Food Cafe Menu Template Sample Download

asian food cafe menu template sample download

Watercolor Cafe Menu Flyer AI Illustrator Format Download

watercolor cafe menu flyer ai illustrator format download

Example Foto Cafe Menu Template Download

example foto cafe menu template download

Restaurant & Cafe Menu Pack AI Illustrator Format Downlaod

restaurant cafe menu pack ai illustrator format downlaod

Foto Cafe Menu Anatomia Koktajlu Template Sample Download

foto cafe menu anatomia koktajlu template sample download

Example Restaurant and Cafe Menu Template Download

example restaurant and cafe menu template download

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