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The menu card can be called the face of a restaurant, after all, the customers are going to decide if they like or dislike your restaurant based on your menu. If you haven’t got a fantastic menu for yourself already, what are you waiting for? You need to look up menu templates online now, and get the one you like. The best part about these menu templates is that these are really easy to edit, all you have to do is insert the details!

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Simple French Menu Template

simple french menu template
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Vintage Hotel Menu Template

vintage hotel menu template
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French Menu Template

french menu template
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 French Menu Templates

Modern French Menu Template

modern french menu template
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Free Menu Templates 

Sample Free PDF WASCCES Catering Menu Template Download
Free Menu Planning Format Template Download
Example Free Blank Menu Document Template Download

If you have had the same menu ever since you started the restaurant, it’s probably time for a change now. You could just look up some amazing menu templates online. Most of these templates are free, which means a download will cost you nothing. What more could you really ask for? [12+ Free Menu Templates]

> Restaurant Menu Templates 

Restaurant Menu Design Format Template
Restaurant & Cafe Menu Pack Template Sample Download
Example Restaurant Menu AI Illustrator Template

Irrespective of the kind of restaurant, they all need a good menu. All restaurants, big or small, are judged on the basis of how they present a menu. A good menu is likely to win your customers over, while a poorly designed menu can be a deal breaker. That is why you need to pay close attention to the presentation, and you could do so with the help of restaurant menu templates. [20+ Restaurant Menu Templates]

Weekly Menu Templates  

Printable Weekly Menu Format Planner Template
Family Dinner Weekly Menu Template Sample Download
Example Weekly Meal Menu Planner Template Download

A weekly menu can be used for a number of purposes. It could be used by a restaurant planning to update its menu every alternate week, or it could be used by someone who wants to plan his or her meals a week ahead. Whatever the purpose, weekly menu templates could be of great help. Once you download it, you could customize it just the way you please. [20+ Weekly Menu Templates]

Menu Planner Templates  

Meal Planner Printable Template Sample Download
Free PDF Format of Food Menu Planner Template Download
Example Grocery Menu Planner Template Download

A menu planner is usually used to plan someone’s meals way ahead of time. If you have someone who needs to keep a strict watch on their diet, then you need to create a menu planner now. To create a menu planner, all you have to do is download a menu planner template and customize it the way you want to. [18+ Menu Planner Templates]

> Wedding Menu Templates  

Printable Wedding Menu Template Sample Download
Floral Wedding Menu Template Sample Download
Example Lovely Floral Wedding Menu Template

A wedding is the one of the most special occasions in a couple’s life, and they would want to celebrate it with their loved ones with pomp and splendour. For the wedding dinner, it is important to organize a menu, which needs to be as elegant and sophisticated as your wedding ceremony itself. For that, you could take the help of wedding menu templates. [25+ Wedding Menu Templates]

Thanksgiving Menu Templates 

Thanksgiving Menu Template Sample Download
Fall Wreath Thanksgiving Dinner Menu Card Template Sample Download
Classical Format Thanksgiving Dinner Menu Card Template Download

For Americans, Thanksgiving happens to be an important event when they get together with their loved ones to express their gratitude. On such a day, restaurants often organize a special buffet for their customers. And a special menu calls for a great menu card. Even if you are organizing a grand dinner party at home, you could look up Thanksgiving menu templates online. [20+ Thanksgiving Menu Templates]

Dinner Menu Templates 

Wedding Dinner Ravishing Script Menu Template Sample Template
Sample Dinner Menu Template
Example Valentine’s Dinner Menu Template

A large dinner party, or a special dinner buffet at a restaurant calls for a special menu card. You could save time and money by simply downloading a menu template to create this menu card. All you have to do is download it and customize it to get the design you’ve always wanted. [25+ Dinner Menu Templates]

Catering Menu Templates 

Sample Chalkboard Style Catering Menu Template Download
Gourmet Food Catering Menu AI Illustrator Format Template Download
Catering Menu Vector EPS Format Download

When you’re in the business of catering, how you present yourself is a part of your service. And that includes the menu. If you manage to pull off a great menu, you’re likely to impress your customers. And that is going to benefit your business in the long run. That is why you need to look up catering menu templates online for stunning designs. [20+ Catering Menu Templates]

Menu Design Templates 

Sample Menu Design for Burger Template Download
Menu Design Template Sample Download
Design for Menu Template Sample Download

When you talk about a menu in general, you’re usually referring to how it looks or the design of the menu. The key to a successful restaurant is a good menu card, and the key to a good menu card is a stunning design. That is why you need to pay attention to the details while picking the menu design. But you can rest assured, all you have to do is download a great menu design template! [20+ Catering Menu Templates]

Drink Menu Templates 

Restaurant Beer Drink Menu Template Sample Download
Example Fresh Fruit Drinks Menu Template
Cocktail Drinks Menu Vector EPS Format Download

Liquor is an important aspect of eating out, and you need to give your customers a wide range of options to choose from. You can do that by coming up with an exclusive menu card just for cocktails and other beverages. If you succeed in impressing your customer, they’re likely to come back. To get a well designed menu, you can look up some drink menu templates online. [20+ Drink Menu Templates]

Food Menu Templates  

Restaurant Trifold Food Menu Vector EPS Format Download
Mexican Food Menu AI Illustrator Format Download
Food Menu Template Sample Download

A food menu template is of the utmost importance to a customer. Only after going through it thoroughly can they place the order. That is why you need to organize the food items you serve in a logical and clear manner on the menu. To have a fair idea of how to go about it, you can look at some food menu templates online, where spaces have been provided for appetizers, entrée and desserts. [25+ Food Menu Templates]

Blank Menu Templates 

Sample Blank Menu Template Download
Example Asian Female Chef Looking at Blank Menu on Top Template Download
Blank Menu with a Chef Template Sample Download

If you’re bored with the typical, conventional menu formats usually seen in restaurants, you could try out something new with a blank menu template. You can use this blank template just the way you want, because you’re at liberty to decide the design. You all not have to adhere by the preconceived designs. [20+ Blank Menu Templates]

Menu Card Templates 

Wedding Invitation & Menu Cards Template Sample Download
Menu Card Vector EPS Format Download
Example Printable Wedding Menu Card Template

A menu card is a crucial part of a restaurant. It is the first thing your customers see when they come in, and if they don’t like the look of it, they might as well walk out. And needless to say, that will be bad for business. To avoid such situations, you should come up with a fabulous menu with the help of menu card templates which are easily available online. [22+ Menu Card Templates]

Christmas Menu Templates 

>christmas menu ai illustrator format download1
Christmas Menu Vector EPS Format Download
Special Christmas Festive Menu Template Sample Download

If you’re having a grand Christmas party at your house or place of work, then you will be inviting a large number of people. That means it is necessary to come up with a great Christmas themed menu card. Similarly, you could add a special touch and liven up your ambience in the restaurant by using a Christmas themed template for your menu card. [20+ Christmas Menu Templates]

Bar Menu Templates 

>bar and lounge drink menu template sample download4
Sample Bar Menu Sign Template Download
Coffee Bar Menu Vector EPS Format Download

Apart from the regular alcholic beverages, a bar serves different kinds of cocktails and non alcoholic beverages as well. Without a menu, how would your customers find out about the drinks you serve? That is why you must come with an extraordinary bar menu where you can list all the snacks and drinks you serve. You can take the help of bar menu templates for that purpose. [20+ Christmas Menu Templates]

Chalkboard Menu Templates 

Sample Chalkboard Menu Download
Dollhouse Bakery Chalkboard Menu and White Board Menu Template Sample Download
Chalkboard Menu Sample Download

A chalkboard menu adds a very rustic touch to your restaurant. If you want to win over your customers, you must walk the extra mile. You could get rid of your old menu, and use a chalkboard menu template to create a new one. More often than not, these templates appear to have been written in coloured chalk. What more could you really ask for? [18+ Chalkboard Menu Templates]

Monthly Menu Templates 

Ranch Style Monthly Menu Plan Poster Format Download
Monthly Menu Gluten Free PDF Format Download
Free PDF Format of Monthly Meal Menu Plan Template Download

A monthly menu template could be used for a number of reasons. It could be used as a meal planner for the upcoming month, or could be used by a restaurant that is planning to update its menu. If you’re using it as a meal planner, you can download this template and simply fill in the required details. For restaurants, you could download a few of these templates, and use one for each month. [10+ Monthly Menu Templates]

Lunch Menu Templates 

Lunch Menu Template Sample Download
Lunch Menu Poster Design Vector Format Download
Hand Made Lunch Menu Board Template Sample Download

Most restaurants and diners serve different food items for dinner and lunch. That means, every day at lunch time, you will be required to use a separate menu designed for this purpose. In order to create your lunch menu, you could just look up free template available on the internet. These would certainly make your work easier for you. [25+ Lunch Menu Templates]

> Kids Menu Templates 

Kids Menu with Sea Cartoons Template Sample Download
Kids Meal Menu with Animal Characters Template Sample Download
CIWBS Kids Menu Template Sample Download

The only way to win a kid over is to present him or her with something that catches their eye. In fact, it is very easy to grab their attention or to please them. All you have to do is place something bright and colourful in front of them. If you’re designing a menu card just for kids, then you should keep that in mind. Get your hands on the most attractive design around, that should do the trick. [20+ Kids Menu Templates]

Cocktail Menu Templates 

Example Cocktail Menu Template
Cocktail Menu Template Sample Download
Cocktail Menu Flyer Vector EPS Format Download

Seldom will you come across someone who doesn’t enjoy a good cocktail. After all, what is there to not like? That is precisely why cocktail parties are now on the rise. If you’re throwing a cocktail party, or own a restaurant specializing in cocktails, you need to come up with a good cocktail menu using a template. Be it a martini or a sangria, your guests can choose from a admirable collection. [20+ Cocktail Menu Templates]

Tri Fold Menu Templates 

Tri Fold Menu Card Template Sample Download
Multi Purpose Tri Fold Menu Card Template Sample Download
Example Trifold Stationery Menu Template

A tri fold menu is usually found in cafes, pizzerias and some diners. It allows the restaurant to accommodate all kinds of food items on the pages, without making it look clumsy or cramped for space. You could even organize each course on a separate page. By using a tri fold menu template which resembles a brochure, the options are infinite. [15+ Tri Fold Menu Templates]

Pizza Menu Templates 

Tasty Pizza Menu Template Sample Download
Sample Pizza Menu Template
Fresh Pizza Menu Vector EPS Format Download

If you specialize in pizzas, and have an exhaustive knowledge about the best pizzas in the world, then you could flaunt it using a good pizza menu. In fact, you could keep two separate menus, one for your pizzas and one for the other dishes. That way, your customers have a lot of options to choose from. To create a pizza menu, just look up pizza menu templates online. [22+ Pizza Menu Templates]

Cafe Menu Templates 

Vector Format of Cafe Menu Template
Simple Cafe Menu PSD Format Download
Blackboard Cafe Menu Vector Format Download

A cafe is a great place to unwind with friends, it provides a relaxed and friendly ambience which people love. If you own a small cafe, your menu should reflect that ambience. To get the menu you think would look best at your cafe, you must try out special cafe menu templates found online. You’re sure to find the one with a bit of searching. [22+ Cafe Menu Templates]

French Menu Templates 

Multi Course French Menu Free PDF Format Download
Example French Antique Printed Menu Download
Antique Vintage French Menu Dated Template Sample Download

Dining at a French restaurant is a lavish and extravagant affair. If you open a French restaurant, people are bound to be critical and harsh when it comes to judging you. That is why you need to be perfect in every aspect, including the menu. Put your best foot forward with the help of stunning and well designed menu templates found online. [12+ French Menu Templates]

Dessert Menu Templates 

Sample Trial Dessert Menu Sandown Template Download
Providence Dessert Menu Template Sample Download
Dessert Menu Items Free PDF Format Download

Without a good dessert menu, how do your expect to promote your fabulous sundaes, ice creams, cakes and soufflés? You need to be able to show your customers why they should try your desserts in order to convince them. You can do so with the help of a spectacular dessert menu. To create the perfect dessert menu, you can try templates designed specifically for this purpose. [20+ Dessert Menu Templates]

Menu Board Templates 

Menu Board of Bistro Postcard Template Sample Download
Large Dry Erase Board Template Sample Download
Example Wedding Menu Board Template Download

With advancement in science and technology, restaurants are opting for the smarter choice when it comes to designing their menu – the menu board. It is a large, bright board hung inside the restaurant where all the food items, beverages, snacks and desserts are mentioned, along with their prices. It is the first thing your customers will see when they come in, that is why you need to use templates to create an impressive design. [25+ Menu Board Templates]

Bakery Menu Templates

Crossini Bakery Menu Template Sample Download
Bakery Menu Vector EPS Format Template Download
Bakery & Cupcake Shop Menu Template Sample Download

A bakery just screams amazing cakes, gorgeous pastries and beautiful cupcakes. But it would be really unfortunate if you have an adorable bakery, but an unimpressive menu which just ruins the whole ambience. However, you can still save your bakery if you manage to update your menu now. For that, you need to try bakery menu templates today. [25+ Bakery Menu Templates]

Take Out Menu Templates  

Sunda Takeout Dinner Menu Template Sample Download
PDF Format Mansfield Take Out New Menu Template Download
Free Print Take Out Menu PDF Format Template Download

Ordering take out is the new tradition now, and has almost completely replaced the restaurant culture. That is why more and more restaurants today are starting separate take out counters. These counter usually have distinct menus, differing in style, format and purpose as well. Since in most cases you’ll be allowing the customer to take home the menu, it is important to use a good template while creating it. [15+ Take Out Menu Templates]

Wine Menu Templates 

Wine List Menu Flyer Template Sample Download
Wine Card Menu PSD Format Template Download
Wine Bar Trifold Menu Vector EPS Format Download

If you specialize in the different kinds of wine, it would be wrong to club all your alcoholic beverages together in one menu. Instead, you must get your hands on an exclusive wine menu. You can add the names of all the wines that you serve, their price per bottle and also a short description of each. To do that, you could try the wine menu templates available. [20+ Wine Menu Templates]

Beer Menu Templates 

Lore Beer Pub Menu Template Sample Download
Example Menu for Beer keg and Glasses Template Download
Example Custom Printable Beer Bar Menu Template Download

If you thought that there was only one kind of beer, think again! If you want to flaunt your huge collection of beer at your restaurant or bar, you must get hold of a separate beer menu. The list of beer you have in store is sure to win beer lovers over, and increase the reputation of your bar. For that, you could use beer menu templates. [15+ Beer Menu Templates]

Daycare Menu Templates 

Daycare Menu Template Sample Download 
Winter Daycare Menu Free PDF Format Download
Daycare Planning Kit Weekly Menu Template Sample Download

Planning a meal at a daycare facility takes a lot of thought and care. You have to plan the meals according to the dietary needs and restrictions of the people at your daycare. Thus, it would be better to fix a healthy menu beforehand. To great the menu, you could take the help of daycare menu templates online, which can be edited and customized. [10+ Daycare Menu Templates]

School Menu Templates 

School Meal Prices List Template Sample Download
Elementary School Menu Template Sample Download
Afternoon School Menu Free PDF Format Download

For children, the school canteen is a fascinating place. You can add to the charm of a school canteen by creating a fun and quirky school canteen menu. Hiring others to take care of your menu could end up costing you. Instead, you can just browse through the numerous school menu templates available online, and use the one that suits your needs. [11+ School Menu Templates]

Menu Calendar Templates 

TDA Menu Calendar Free PDF Format Template Download
Free PDF Format of Menu Calendar Template Download
Dinner Menu Calendar Template Sample Download

A menu calendar is used to keep track of the meals consumed by a person in a day, week or month. Planning a meal takes a lot of time and can be quite complicated. That is why, it would be better to plan all meals well ahead of time. You could download a menu calendar template, and customize it to fill in the details. [10+ Menu Calendar Templates]

Spa Menu Templates 

RCG Salon and Spa Menu Brochure Template Sample Download
Example Spa Menu Template Download
Example Spa Menu Brochure Template Download

A spa offers numerous different kinds of treatments to their customers. If you want your customers to find out more about these services, and make use of them, you need to create a menu that they can go through and choose from. To create a spa menu, you need to go through all the spa menu templates available online, and go with the one you think looks best. [22+ Spa Menu Templates]

BBQ Menu Templates 

ShortStop BBQ Menu Template Sample Download
Funky Caribbean Style BBQ and Drinks Menu Template Sample Download
BBQ Steak Menu Trifold PSD Format Download

If you’re having a bbq themed party for a large number of people, then you need to organize a menu card as well. But there is no point in wasting too much time on a menu card, is there? You could simply try the bbq menu templates available online, and download one of them. It really is as simple as that. [22+ BBQ Menu Templates]

Coffee Menu Templates 

Example Coffee Menu Template Download
Coffee Menu Vector EPS Format Download
Coffee House Menu Card Template Sample Download

There is nothing better than a tête-à-tête with a close friend over a cup of coffee. A cafe provides an intimate, relaxed ambience that is just right. That means, your template too must give off the same vibes. You need a good, well designed and useful coffee menu where you can list all your espressos, cappuccinos and frappes. For that, you could take the help of coffee menu templates. [20+ Coffee Menu Templates]

Holiday Menu Templates 

Holiday Menu Free PDF Format Template Download
Free PDF Holiday Menu Template Sample Download
Free PDF Format of Holiday Menu Template Download

While on holiday, everyone wants to be pampered and treated well. If you’ve been out in charge of planning the holiday, you could make your job easier by coming up with a great menu. You could list everything in the menu, starting from the very basics and working your way to the top. It would serve as a sort of itinerary, and would help you proceed in an organized manner. Try holiday menu templates today! [18+ Holiday Menu Templates]

Price Menu Templates  

Universal Price Menu Template Sample Download
Royal Food Price Menu Template Sample Download
Example Pizza Price Menu Template

No matter how big or small a restaurant you own, your customers can place the order only after surveying all of the prices. That is the only way of making an informed decision. If you’ve been struggling with a price menu, you could look up these specialized templates online. All you have to do is download them, and edit them to add your details. [21+ Price Menu Templates]

> Breakfast Menu Templates

Example Breakfast Menu Template Download
Digital Printable Breakfast Menu Template Sample Download
Breakfast Menu Design AI Illustrator Format Download

Breakfast joints have become immensely popular now! Well, who doesn’t enjoy a good breakfast spread now and then? But you need to draw in your customers towards your splendid breakfast buffet with a beautiful menu. One look at it should convince them to try it out. For that, you must take a look at some of the best breakfast menu templates found online. [25+ Breakfast Menu Templates]

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