Tri Fold Menu Templates – 25+ Free PSD, EPS Format Download!

The best part about a tri fold menu is that you can comfortably accommodate all your food items. Sometimes, if you have more food items than space, a menu can end up looking clumsy and untidy. And that certainly doesn’t leave a good impression on the diners’ minds. Instead, you could try a tri fold menu template. For that, you must look up Free Menu Templates.

A good tri fold menu template PDF will allow you to design each page just the way you please. You can add different images on each of the pages, along with the names of the items and the prices listed against them. It also gives the diner the impression that they have a lot of options Menu Templates to choose from.

Sample Trifold Food Menu Template

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Editable Restro Cafe Tri-Fold Brochure Menu

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Classic Cafe Menu Tri Fold Word

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Simple Pizza Menu Trifold Template

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Cuisine Tri-fold Menu Template

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Retro Food Menu Trifold

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Classic Cafe Menu Tri Fold Template

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Tri-Fold Cafe Menu Board Template

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Cookie Shop Tri-Fold Menu Template

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Cuisine Tri-fold Menu Template

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Tri Fold Menu Vector EPS Download

This PDF tri fold menu vector comes in shade of brown, yellow and black with images of food and their price against it. The menu will help you give your clients a nice wide range of choices.

Italian Tri Fold Menu Template Download

This Word Italian tri fold menu template has the front page in dark brown color and an image of a dish on it. The second page has images of the fry menu the last page a list of beverage and dessert.

Japanese Tri fold Menu Download

This Excel format Japanese tri fold menu comes with an exquisite Japanese dish on the front page. The other two pages are in light brown color. For use you can download it here.

Fatcow Tri Fold Menu Free PDF Template Download | This PDF tri fold menu free PDF template has the front page with the restaurants details and contacts. The middle page has an image of French fries and the last the items offered.

Coffee Shop Tri Fold Menu Template Download

This tri-fold menu template would work wonderfully in a coffee shop or café settings. The woody brown color is its USP. In terms of layout, the menu mockup is lined with food and beverage sections respectively. Feel free to download, personalize and use.

Tri Fold Vintage Restaurant Menu Design Pamphlet Vector Template

Having space to spread your food items is very important to keep your menu tidy. This Excel format tri fold vintage restaurant menu design that comes in a black background which lets you try out your imagination.

Steak House Tri Fold Menu Download

This PDF steak house tri fold menu comes in dark brown color with the images of the food items their how they are served and their price. You can download it for reference or personal use.

Tri Fold Menu Custom Made Template Download

This Word tri fold menu custom made template is in a triangle like structure. The menu has the front part where the name of the restaurant should be, the menu side and a thank you note in the last side.

There’s no Hell Tri Fold Menu Template Download

This template is a Excel there’s no hell tri fold menu that comes in a fierce re color in the first two pages and black in the last one. If you download it you can use it to come up with your own menu.

Tri Fold Table Number and Menu Download

This PDF tri fold table number and menu comes in white with the table number on the front page followed by the items being offered. This menu lets you come up with menus for each table you have.

Tri Fold Menu Fasti Resto Template Download

Wine Restaurant Tri Fold Menu Template Download

Trifold Menu Simply Love Custom Stationery Template

Green Veg Restaurant Tri Fold Menu Card Template Download

Multi Purpose Tri Fold Menu Card Template

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