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It’s your special day, and a mess around with the wedding arrangements is the last thing you want. So how do you make it perfect? Amidst all the arrangements, the only saviour that really works well is a wedding menu. If you’re wondering how to make it right and what to include in it, check out the wedding menu template options available online and simply follow the steps. Download one of these and your checklist for the wedding category menu is made! You can also see Free Menu Templates.

wedding menu invitation

Table of Content

Wedding Menu Card Template Download

wedding menu card template Download

Editable Wedding Menu Invitation Template

editable wedding menu invitation template Download

Printable Wedding Menu Template

printable wedding menu template Download

Floral Wedding Menu Invitation Example

floral wedding menu invitation template Download

Burgundy Floral Wedding Menu Card Template

burgundy floral wedding menu card template Download

Free Wedding Ceremony Menu Template

wedding ceremony menu template Download

Floral Wedding Menu Card Design Template

floral wedding menu card design template Download

Standard Reception Wedding Menu Template

reception wedding menu template Download

Formal Rustic Wedding Menu Template

rustic wedding menu template Download

Wedding Menu Download Template to Edit

wedding menu template to edit Download

Classic Wedding Menu Invitation Template

classic wedding menu invitation template Download

Floral Wedding Menu Card in PSD Format

floral wedding menu card psd Download

print ready wedding menu template free download | If you are looking for a menu with cream and brown theme you have it. The Word format menu shows the bridal dress and a suit for the groom placed on top of a fabulous cake.

Ready To Print Wedding Menu Templates Download

ready to print wedding menu templates download | This menu feature two glasses of wine and a bouquet of white flowers side by side. This PDF file is a ready to print template which can be downloaded a used to save time of coming up with one.

Corporate Wedding Menu Template For Download

corporate wedding menu template for download

Easy To Edit Wedding Menu Template Foe Download

easy to edit wedding menu template foe download

Complete Wedding Menu Template For Free Download

complete wedding menu template for free download

Weeding Menu Layout For Free Download

weeding menu template for free download

Printable Wedding Menu Template For Download

printable wedding menu template for download

Editable Wedding Menu Format Free Download

editable wedding menu format free download

Designed Wedding Menu Template For Download

designed wedding menu template for download

Professional Wedding Menu Template Download

professional wedding menu template download

Abstract Wedding Menu Example Template

abstract wedding menu template

The light brown Word template gives the name of the bride being given the bridal shower, the time and address of the shower and the giver of the card. It also has flowers for a wonderful finish.

Custom Wedding Menu Template

custom wedding menu template

For people who like animation on their wedding menus this one is for your take. The Excel format menu shows the important parts of the wedding and has a pink theme at the center.

Illustration Wedding Menu Template

illustration wedding menu template

Inviting people to your wedding can be a hassle but with this PDF template it’s easy. The template comes with flowers at the end name of the wedding parties, time, date and place the wedding is taking place.

Lovely-air Wedding Menu Template

lovely air wedding menu template

Having a wide range of colors to choose from is more convenient. The PDF menus are in blue, green and pink with love hearts on strings. The menu contains appetizers, main course, desserts and drinks.

Ribbon Wedding Menu Template

ribbon wedding menu template

If you are looking for a Word ribbon wedding menu you can download this one. It comes with shades of light and brown in the background and the ribbon is dark brown.

Old-style Wedding Menu Template

old style wedding menu template

Old is gold that is what they say, this card features one of the old looks of an Excel file wedding menu. It has the heading, appetizer, entrees, dessert and names of the couples in old fashion writing.

Seamless Wedding Menu Template

seamless wedding menu template

This Excel format menu shows a unique blend of gold and brown colors. As it is seamless it gracefully joins the dark brown inner part of the invitation and the outer part of the flowers

Elegant Wedding Menu Template

elegant wedding menu template

The Word menu’s elegance is because of the bright color it has. It also has two rings one on top of the other on the first page. It also shows the names of the couple, date and advance appreciation for attendances.

Bunting Wedding Menu Template

bunting wedding menu template

Royal Wedding Menu Template

royal wedding menu template

Wedding Invitation Menu Template

wedding invitation menu template

Ornate Wedding Menu Template

ornate wedding menu template

Watercolor Wedding Menu Template

watercolor wedding menu template

Printed Wedding Menu Template

printed wedding menu template

Luxury Wedding Menu Template

luxury wedding menu template

Retro Wedding Menu Template

retro wedding menu template

Damask Wedding Menu Template

damask wedding menu template

Multi-color Wedding Menu Template

multi color wedding menu template

Baroque Wedding Menu Template

baroque wedding menu template

Beautyful Wedding Menu Template

beautyful wedding menu template

Gold-dot Wedding Menu Template

gold dot wedding menu template

Pinky Wedding Menu Template

pinky wedding menu template

Vintage Wedding Menu Template

vintage wedding menu template

Heart Wedding Menu Template

heart wedding menu template

Botanical Wedding Menu Template

botanical wedding menu template

Simple Wedding Menu Template

simple wedding menu template

Classic Wedding Menu Template

classic wedding menu template

Lovely Floral Wedding Menu Template

lovely floral wedding menu template

Floral Wedding Menu Template

floral wedding menu template

With the flood of Menu Templates available online, you can now customize it to suit your needs. For instance, if you want red as the theme, change the colour online and then download. You can even use the simple options and just fill in the specific fields to suit your menu. Wedding menu template hubs have it all for you just a click away!