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If you have ever been to any restaurant or eating house, you have most definitely come across a menu, unless you are blind and someone else ordered your food for you. In any restaurant or any other fine eating establishment you will come across a menu. It is just a decorated list of all the different foods and beverages that they serve.

Though menus are a common site now days you might be astonished to learn that the concept of using menus goes back to medieval China  Merchants, always on the lookout for business opportunities, started to serve food for patrons who led busy lives and did not have the time or energy to cook on a daily basis. The different variations in Chinese cuisine led the caterers to introduce a list of foods for their patrons.You may also see Cafe Menu Templates

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Weekly Menu Template in Word Format


Cafe Menu Template Word Format Download


Restaurant Menu Template Word Free Download


Word Monthly Menu Template Free Download


Wedding Menu Template Word Format


Dinner Menu Template Word File


Afternoon Tea Menu Template Word Format


Bakery Menu Template Word Format Download


Bar Menu Template in Word


Breakfast Menu Template Word File


Cocktail Menu Template Word


Christmas Menu Template Word Document


Word Catering Menu Template Free


Dinner Party Menu Template Word File


Indian Menu Template Word Format


Japanese Menu Template Word Doc


Mother Day Menu Template Free Word File Download


School Menu Template Word Doc


Word Takeaway Menu Template Free Download


Valentines Menu Template Word Format Download


Why are Menus Important?

A restaurant cannot function without a menu, be it a large and detailed menu with lots of varieties or a simple menu, a restaurant without a menu is like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich without peanut butter. Imagine going to a restaurant but not knowing what they serve. This is precisely the reasons menus exist, to inform the diners of their choices. Many restaurants have a buffet theme but still they employ a menu to let their customers know what delicacies are available on that day. You may also see Catering Menu Template

Types of Menus

Menus are of different types according to the restaurants, but they are generally classified into two groups à la carte and table d’hôte. In the former style you can pick individual foods from the menu, such as ordering only the steak without the accompanied vegetables and potatoes and in the latter variety a diner is asked to choose between various options of full course meals. You may also see Restaurant Menu Template

Getting The Perfect Menu

There was once a time when many restaurants used to rely on “menu specialists”, people who were hired to design and print their menus. Well I am glad to say those days are long past. With the help of this amazing collection of menu templates all of which are free to download and useable with Word 2010. Just download the set of templates available in Word file and you can easily use them in MS Word.

How to Use

The templates are quite simple to use. Just download the collection templates and open your desired template in MS Word and get down to work. The templates allow you to customize nearly everything from font, colour and anything else that you might wish. Finish up and save your template as a word document, ready for print or if necessary further editing. The templates were designed with Microsoft Word especially for Word users. No cause for fear for there are adequate samples given with the templates to help you on your way.

Dos and Don’ts

There are no hard and fast rules for menu designing, it is all up to the restaurant owner. A piece of advice do not put pictures of food on the menu for it gives the customers unrealistic expectations that you cannot possible live up to. Keep it neat and clean with clearly marked items and their prices and you should do fine.

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