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12+ Nautical Banner Designs & Templates – PSD, AI

Want a fresh and interesting way to advertise your business or sponsored event but don’t know how? If yes, then let us help you. This form of advertising that we are suggesting has been around for ages yet only a few people make use of its highest potentials. We are talking about no other than the use of nautical banners!

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In this article, we explore what nautical banners are, the different ways to create them, and how you can choose a specific banner template for your project. Make sure to read until the very end of this article to take advantage of all these banner-making tips and hacks.

Embedded Below are Examples of Nautical Banner Templates

Shown below are multiple printable banner templates that anyone may use for their own banner creation projects. Please download a compatible graphic design software tool before you purchase any of these pre-made templates. This way you will not experience any major template compatibility issues while editing the banner template of your choice.

Ocean Banner Template Set

Illustrated Nautical Banner Vector Example

Sea Nautical Banner Template

What is a Nautical Banner?

A banner is either a printed or digital signboard that shows written information or symbols to identify or herald a person, thing, event, or occurrence. You may also see sample banner templates.

These signages are called nautical banners when they mainly incorporate design elements related to the sea, beaches, water marine life, nautical font styles, and other related themes.

So whether you are promoting a seafood restaurant or you just want a well-designed outdoor birthday banner for your themed birthday party, you will surely find something in this article that will suit your tastes. Peruse through each sample banner template and then decide if you like a specific banner design or not.

Flat Design Nautical Banner Template

Horizontal Nautical Banner Illustration Template

Handmade Banners vs Pre-made Banner Templates

Just like other types of printed advertising materials, there are two main ways of creating a creative nautical banner. We will be discussing each of them below so read the next few paragraphs carefully and base your decision on the method that you prefer the most. You may also see creative social media banners.

1. Handmade Banner Designs

An age-old banner-making method is the use of handmade banner designs and materials. With this approach, you will have total freedom as to what kind of nautical banner design you want. It is up to you on how you can make the banner more visually appealing as long as you are doing everything by hand. You may also see baby shower invitation banners.

This method’s downside is just like that of any other handmade materials. They can be tiresome to create especially if you are going to make multiple banners at once. But if you are given a lot of lead time for the creation of handmade nautical banners, this may not pose as much of a problem. Handcrafted products also tend to sell more so they can be a good small business idea if you want to profit from them.

2. Pre-made Banner Templates

Another way to create a nautical banner is through the use of pre-made digital template files. This graphic design template will come pre-formatted with all the graphic design elements like text placeholders, images, font styles, and even layouts that will create a cohesive nautical banner.

The main advantage of using a pre-made banner template is their convenience. With this method, you do not have to manually create a banner design from scratch. You may just need to make minor template customizations if you want to and then you can readily print out the banner template. You may also see birthday welcome banners.

Whatever method you choose for creating a nautical banner is up to you. What is important is that the banner will showcase the specific nautical patterns and designs that will complement your business or event you are advertising about. Be sure to check out the rest of this article for more examples of different nautical banner templates.

Vector Nautical Banners Design

Doodles Vector Nautical Banner Template

Looking for the Best Nautical Banner Template

If you are interested in creating a nautical banner using a pre-made banner template, be sure to read the next few paragraphs as we will be providing a list of the most important factors that should considered before you purchase any kind of banner template. Read and internalize all these factors so that you will have an easier and quicker time looking for a nautical banner template design that will suite your business or event.You can also like website banner templates.

1. Business Image or Event Theme or Topic

When looking for the perfect nautical banner template for your project, you should first consider the kind of theme that your event follows or the kind of image that your business has. To illustrate, if you are planning for a beach floral wedding, it would make sense to use wedding banners that beautifully mixes a nautical and floral theme. Another example would be if you are creating a banner for a conference about marine life or for a book about pirates, it only makes sense to use nautical banner designs since they would fit the occasion they are created for.

2. Personal Graphic Design Experience or Skills

Another factor to consider prior to purchasing a nautical banner template is your own editing capabilities. This means that you need to know whether or not your own knowledge in graphic design can help customize the banner template of your choice. You can also read roll-up banner templates.

Remember that most nautical banner templates will still need a few edits especially if you want to add your own personal touch to the template design. For example, if you are creating a restaurant roll-up banner for your seafood bistro, you may need to add your business’ official logo design design into the template. This will make your nautical banner more distinguishable.

And if you are not confident enough of your graphic design skills, you can easily hire or ask someone else to do the editing for you. By identifying your own skill level beforehand, you free yourself of any stress that may have been created if you took on a project that you do not know how to do.

Seashells Nautical Banner Design

Nautical Marine Banner Template

Creative Nautical Banner Design

3. Advertising Budget

When choosing what kind of nautical banner template to use for a business or for a casual or formal event, you should also consider the amount of money you have for the said project. If, for example, your employment agency business needs nautical banners but you only have a few hundred dollars to work with, you need to seriously factor this into your decision-making process.

For those who are on a simple budget, you may opt to purchase banner templates that are available in an easy to print format. And you may also forgo professional editing as this may cost you more. By choosing an easy to print and easy to edit nautical banner, you will can stretch your budget and, perhaps, you can even print out more banners that you have otherwise do if you have chosen those costlier alternatives.

And if you are interested on how to make a budget plan for your banner-making project, check out the linked article.

4. Template’s Customizability

In connection with a previously discussed factor, you also need to make sure that the nautical banner template that you chose is available as a fully customizable template file. This is an important factor to consider especially if you want to make changes to a banner templates’s core designs. And most of the time, templates created using graphic design software programs like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign offer the best customizability.

5. Project Completion Time

Another factor to consider when deciding what specific nautical banner template design is your project’s schedule submission date. This means that you need to find out from the printing shop owner how early then need your completed banner template in order for them to deliver the final banner copies before your target event or launch dates. You may also see hanging banner templates.

By knowing ahead of time how much time you have to complete a project, you can then properly schedule your time in between editing the template and doing other important event or business agenda or tasks. Also, if you have months to create a nautical banner, you can use this extra time to learn study different Illustrator or Photoshop tutorials so that you do not have to hire someone else to do the editing for you.

We hope that you have read and understood all these factors well. This way you will proceed to the selection and purchase of your preferred nautical banner template design without a lot of second thoughts. You may also see triangle banner templates.

Simple Nautical Banner Set

Vintage Nautical Banner Design

Are You Now Ready to Create Your Own Nautical Banners?

Creating any kind of printable banner—whether for advertising a business or just as an event signage tool—can be just as stressful as it is enjoyable. The most important thing is that you have learned through this experience and you will approach the same task with as much gusto and competence in the future.

And if you want to help other people find the best banner template designs for their own projects, share this article with your friends and followers on social media. Also, do not forget that you can bookmark this article link so that you can read the article when you need it again.

Lastly, do not forget that emails are another underutilized marketing tool so make sure that you tell all your email list all about this helpful article.

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