Tribal Pattern – 23+ Free PSD, AI, Vector EPS Format Download

Talking about tribal patterns, we often visualise bright colours, ethnic and ancient themes. Tribal Art is credited to our distant ancestors, and is practiced by some native tribes today as well. Unusual patterns and symbols, when mixed properly with plain designs can add a bit of flavour to the entire design. We see these patterns as background images, graphics, tattoos, animations, vectors and many more.

tribal pattern
  • Types of Tribal Patterns: Categorizing these patterns into appropriate types is rather difficult as every design is new and bizarre in its own sense. There may be animals drawn placed in unison, human figures dancing around often called Cave Paintings, bare colours in simple lines and shapes arranged to form a different pattern, or even flowers drawn with varied colour combinations which add up to the folkloric theme. There can be specific themes portraying various countries and civilizations as well.
  • Designing Tribal Art: When it comes to designing Tribal Art, the only limitation is your imagination. Trendy Swirls, Florals, Swishes all helps one create an incredible pattern. Software like the Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw X3 can aid in this process of creating a masterpiece. Obviously drawing manually can be an option to showcase designs that are rather intricate, but due to the progress in the workability of such software, designing can be totally trusted to them.
  • Selecting Apt Tribal Patterns: Selecting Tribal Designs for homes, community wall paintings, offices can be confusing owing to the enormous range of patterns available. Usually, offices can be decorated with more solid colours and simple patterns, to exaggerate influence and power. The homes can feature simple human tribal art for mattresses, pillow covers, or pale colours to promote simplicity. Other areas, like maybe music stores, can feature funky tribal art, which odd combinations of patterns or perhaps on skateboard parks, poker places, and more.

Tribal Art is all about creativity. There is nothing wrong about any design. If it looks good, there is no need to emphasize on technicality of colour blends.

Seamless Vector Aztec Tribal Pattern

seamless vector aztec tribal pattern

Abstraction Tribal Pattern

abstraction tribal pattern

Fabric Tribal Pattern Download

fabric tribal pattern download

Traditional Tribal Pattern

traditional tribal pattern

Tribal Seamless Vector Pattern

tribal seamless vector pattern

Decorative Tribal Pattern Download

decorative tribal pattern download

Red & Blue Tribal Pattern Download

red blue tribal pattern download

Indian Tribal Pattern Download

indian tribal pattern download

Tribal Chic Pattern

tribal chic pattern

Unique Tribal Pattern

unique tribal pattern

Aztec Tribal in Brown and Gray

aztec tribal in brown and gray

Pink Ikat Tribal Pattern Download

pink ikat tribal pattern download

Indian Design Tribal Pattern

indian design tribal pattern

Ethnic Tribal Pattern

ethnic tribal pattern

Hand Drawn Tribal Pattern Download

hand drawn tribal pattern download

American Tribal Pattern Download

american tribal pattern download

Chevron Tribal Pattern Download

chevron tribal pattern download

Tribal Pattern With Flowers And Feathers

tribal pattern with flowers and feathers

Zigzag Tribal Pattern Download

zigzag tribal pattern download

Collection of Tribal Patterns

collection of tribal patterns

Designed Tribal Pattern

designed tribal pattern

Mexican Tribal Pattern Download

mexican tribal pattern download

Galaxy Seamless Tribal Pattern

galaxy seamless tribal pattern

> Many options of tribal pattern design assets

The tribal or ethnic patterns have become common not only in the web but in fashion, packaging and interior design as well. There are many types of tribal patterns. They can be flexible or photoshop patterns. The flexible patterns are so called because their colour and the design elements can be changed using Adobe illustrator. The photoshop patterns require Adobe photoshop program to change them. These are some of the tribal design patterns. Other tribal design pattern includes African tribal garden pattern, Tribal leaf pattern, Tribal print pattern, Tribal geometric pattern, Tribal boom pattern, Tribal paintbox pattern, Tribal hipster pattern backgrounds, Sketchy tribal pattern, Tribal pride seamless pattern, Colourful tribal pattern, Tribal repeating patterns and Tribal motif patterns. There are many such other tribal design patterns which can be learnt from different websites carrying tutorials for each type of design. The tutorials offer detailed instructions and tips to design ones’ own pattern in the tribal format. There are many files available for downloading in various sites where the tribal images are present in PNG format, one needs to open it in Photoshop and define the image as pattern.