9+ Travel Photography Ideas


There’s only so many ways to point a camera that you’d think each one would turn out the same as the other, and yet thousands of travelers, foodies, and lifestyle bloggers can amaze us with their impressive takes of landscapes, food, people, and new subjects that, when you’re traveling, might seem so fleeting.

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As fun as some of these shots might look, there is a lot of work that happens behind them. But if you’re the kind of traveler who enjoys these photos, then seeing the results would make it even more awarding. Another kind of photography to work for in presenting ideas is conceptual photography. Go check it out!

Landscape Travel Photography

landscape travel photography1

Beautiful Travel Photography

beautiful travel photography

Countryside Travel Photography

countryside travel photography

Awesome Travel Photography

awesome travel photography

Travel Photography of Mountain

travel photography of mountain

Outdoor Travel Photography

outdoor travel photography

Travel Photography of Couple

travel photography of couple

Amazing Travel Photography

amazing travel photography

Travel Photography of Tourist

travel photography of tourist

Architecture Travel Photography

architecture travel photography

Culture and People

While traveling, take the time to soak in the culture of the place. The best way to capture that is by seeing the people. Coming in as a tourist, everything will be seen in contrast to your own background, making everything seem different. It’s that contrast in people’s heads that make photos of people from far-flung places so popular.

Taking pictures of activities you wouldn’t normally see in your neighborhood is a great start. Festivals, gatherings, people at work—scenes that are essential in painting an authentic picture of the country you’re in.

Architecture and History

One of the things that make a place so rich with meaning is its history. While you can’t exactly take your camera years back in the past, a country’s structures speak a lot about its history. With a little knowledge in history, old buildings can come to life along with the stories they tell.

Their different architecture is something you can appreciate in your photography too. Iconic buildings taken from unusual perspectives can give your photos a clear edge. Urban trekking can be quite rewarding for your travel pics. Give city landscape photography a whirl. You might find it to be to your liking.

Landscape and Wildlife

There’s no better way to differentiate home from an area unknown than documenting the wildlife in it. Exercise caution, though, on taking pictures of wild animals as they can be unpredictable—even the cute ones. And while you’re out there, check out the horizon and the nature around you.

Landscape shots of the stunning beauty of nature are not uncommon on social media like Instagram. When it comes to taking pictures in wild, uninhabited areas and of wildlife, however, take note that every moment that you could have caught in your camera roll could disappear at any time. So keep your camera handy as the second chance might never come in time. Even professional nature photographers often camp out for several months and come back with only a single shot—the only shot that matters.

Black-and-White Photography

There are several approaches you can take to improve your photography game. Grayscale pictures are unique and considered an almost different form of art in that they’re taken and judged differently.

Discarding colors as a distraction, black-and-white photography features a subject’s textures, tones, and form, among other things. Some photographers call it a pure expression of photography. Check out some of these examples of black-and-white photography for inspiration.

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