Hosting an appreciation event dinner is an amazing way to let exemplary people know that they are recognized, valued, and appreciated. It's time you finally acknowledge and celebrate the efforts and deeds of your hardworking staff and employees, brave volunteers, model teachers or citizens, and others. Honor them by throwing a beautiful celebration. You can start off the dinner event preparations by making a professionally written and beautifully designed invitation. Worried about not knowing how to make one? We got you covered because this site offers high-quality Printable Dinner Invitation Templates. Scroll through the templates and check them out through Illustrator, Photoshop, MS Word, Publisher, and Apple Pages. Start making your invitation and send them to the most deserving guests. For more amazing offers, sign up in our subscription plan immediately.

What Is an Appreciation Dinner?

An appreciation dinner is an event wherein people are recognized for their excellence, hard work, good deeds, and exemplary contribution to an organization or to the community as a whole.

How to Write an Appreciation Dinner Invitation

An invitation is a formal or verbal request initiated by a person towards another person requesting his/her attendance and participation in an event or gathering. Particularly, an appreciation dinner invitation is sent to inform guests about an upcoming dinner invitation honoring the respective and exemplary awardees and their efforts in making the world a better place. Appreciation dinners are held to give appreciation to different kinds of people like volunteers, staff, teachers, employees, customers, among others.

These people have done good work, so it's only fitting that they are handed with a masterpiece invitation card. If you are tasked to create an appreciation dinner invitation, use elegant and professional elements to make one. Read through the items below; they will guide you through the process of making one.

1. Create a Design Theme

Choose a design inspiration for your sample invitation layout and format. You should make your design special because the event itself is special for the awardees and the guests. By choosing a theme, you can easily complete your design at a faster pace. If you are working with corporate clients, collect all the necessary and consult the event sponsors about their specifications.

2. Pick out Colors, Fonts, and Backgrounds

After you have chosen a particular theme, pick out a color scheme for your invitation. The color scheme must be carefully calibrated so that every design element follows a particular color combination. Choose out at least three font styles for the text and content. If your goal is to make a more colorful invitation, make use of a background that doesn't overpower the other elements. Entice the attendees, awardees, and the VIP guests, even the media to respond and look forward to the event plan.

3. Jot Down Event Details

Any invitation should indicate the who, what, when, where, why, and how details. These basic information shouldn't be left out because it allows the guests to plot out their program schedule. The initialism RSVP, a French word which means "répondez s'il vous plaît," can also be added to the card to require a confirmation from the invited guests. Event invitations can also include the details about the required dress code, the car parking mechanics, and seating arrangement.

4. Arrange Everything

Proofread and review everything that's written and placed on the appreciation dinner invitation. Follow the rule of visual hierarchy, arrange the details from the most important to the least. Gather suggestions from key people and clients about how you can improve or tone down your design. Once you get the approval, proceed to the next step.

5. Print and Distribute

Complete the overall task by printing out the finished appreciation dinner invitation card design. Upon printing, use high-quality paper stocks to arrive at pleasing results. After printing, it's time to send out the specialized invitations to the guests. Refer to the prospect guest list to round up the names of the recipients.

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