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What is a Bridal Shower Invitation?

A bridal shower is an event invitation honoring a bride-to-be by her friends or family. A bridal shower happens months or weeks before a wedding. A bridal shower invitation is given out to the people who are invited to the bridal shower. A website says that in Canada and USA, bridal showers are more popular than other events before a wedding.

How to Make a Bridal Shower Invitation?

Isn't it fun to have a great moment with your friend or relative before she gets married? If you are to make an invitation for a bridal shower, you can follow these simple steps:

1. Guest List

Before anything else, it is important to know who the people invited to the bridal shower are. Mostly, people that are invited to the bridal shower are invited to the wedding, too. It's up to the host who he or she will invite on the bridal shower.

2. Theme and Design

Although not a must, some bridal showers have themes. To help you with your simple invitation, you can incorporate the theme of the bridal shower to the bridal shower invitations. For your theme, you can make it elegant, rustic, floral, modern or have a beach theme. You also have a lot of choices of what color your invitations will be, it can be lavender, royal blue, navy blue, black, purple, gold, blue, pink, or rose gold. You can either make it simple or unique, it's up to you.

3. The Host/s

You can include who the person/s behind the party invitation. This is not required however, but it is an act of courtesy and appreciation for the people who gave effort to make the bridal shower possible. All you have to do is to write the name of the host. For instance, the event is hosted by a number of people, you don't have to write each name, but can address them as a group.

3. Wording

The wording and the design can manifest the tone of the formal invitation. The guests will have a clue if the party will be formal or casual. So, it is important to use proper design and wording for the invitation. You can write for example, "Please join us for the bridal shower in honor of (name of the soon-to-be bride).

4. Time, Date, and Location

In your sample invitation, write the time when the event will start. Also, include the day when the bridal shower will take place. Be specific with the location of the event. Is it going to be in a beach, a hotel, or a garden. Never think that the guests already know the date, time, or place of the event. Make sure that you plot it on the invitation.

5. 'Attend or Not Attend' Replies

Don't forget to include a section on your invitation for the replies of your guests if they can attend or not. This will help you make arrangements for things of the event only for the people who can attend and not waste your efforts. Add the date when your guests should submit their replies. Also, it is important to review in order to avoid mistakes. Do not send invitations that are full of errors.

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