For every opening ceremony, be it a soft opening or grandiose one. Event planners distribute ceremony invitations, so the masses are aware of a newly established business in their area. Most restaurants and cafes do this as a marketing strategy to lure in customers to test out what they have to offer. Fortunately, if you have a cafe business that's reaching its opening day, then we can help you out. These professional invitation templates are editable, printable, and 100% customizable to your style. It is also available in all formats of Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Publisher and Apple Pages (for Mac users). So don't wait and download it today!

What is a Cafe Opening Invitation?

A cafe opening invitation is a formal request given to distinguished guests who have the honor to participate in the opening of a coffee shop. People receive their personalized copy of the invitation card through the mail and are required to give an immediate response upon receiving the event invitation. More importantly, it wouldn't be a grand opening without a public crowd to sizzle up the fun. Most businesses draw in public attention through invitation flyers that permit them to participate in the occasion. After all, they'll be your future customers.

How to Make a Cafe Opening Invitation?

Based on the tips given by, the best methods of developing a compelling invitation for your grand opening is by encompassing the following elements on your event invitation letter. First, sharp subject lines. This part usually includes a call-to-action to the readers, a firm sense of urgency, and a convincing narrative to bring in customers. Second, would be the event highlights. This part indicates what agendas are to transpire throughout the event and who the designated keynote speakers are. Lastly, the design and layout is the background of it all. Give your guests a simple invitation that is clean and creative. If you still need help, then follow the detailed steps below to guide you further.

1. Draft an Initial Layout

Before designing an invitation template, drafting out an initial design helps visualize the aesthetics of the overall sample invitation output. It is essential to designate specific areas of where the elements will be placed so to avoid any hassle during the actual production of the invitation itself.

2. Choose a Cafe Opening Invitation Template

Since we're going into a particular event, more specifically, a cafe opening. The need to choose a desirable template encompassing the theme is required to entice potential customers. In this process, you can choose to devise your party invitation from scratch or choose from an array of ready-made templates on the internet. Be sure your background design doesn't look too overbearing, so it doesn't go in contrast with the text and other graphics placed on the template.

3. Add High-Quality Graphic Designs and Related Artworks

Once you've chosen a printable invitation template, it is time to add the extra details to make the invitation more captivating. Be sure to include graphic designs that give a subconscious appeal to your coffee shop. When bestowed upon beautiful and sweet designs, we get drawn naturally to what the invitation is trying to tell us. With the expectations that we will enjoy and benefit from the goods and services provided by the cafe. Don't forget about related artworks that encapsulate the theme of the event itself.

4. Place All Essential Written Information

Now that the tiring and gruesome process of decorating your invitation template is over. It is now time to place the written content on your invitation template. According to this infographic developed by, it states that details on agendas and keynote speakers have more weight in accelerating the number of registrations in comparison to designs and visuals. That's why written content should explain credentials of the guest of honor and host briefly, the purpose of the opening, venue of the opening, and time and date of the event.

5. Arrange and Print It Out

After adding your written content, go through the elegant invitation again, and examine if all artworks and designs were incorporated and placed in its right order. Also, check if written content is readable and stylish to the human eye. Once you feel like everything looks organized, go ahead and print it out for distribution. You can also upload a soft-copy of your grand opening invitation on social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook to garner more public attention.

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