Any program that involves incremental training, whether for academics or a company, will gain value with the addition of certificates. It helps in showing when new milestones have been reached. These completion certificates attest to the time members have spent and the learning they gathered during the training. If you wish to create a formal and practical certificate document, choose from our wide variety of premium completion certificate templates. They are free to download, ready-made, and easy to use for your convenience. The files are professionally designed with high-quality layout, artwork, images, and graphic files. Easily Editable and fully customizable in all versions of Adobe Photoshop (PSD), Illustrator (.ai), Indesign, Microsoft Word (.doc), MS Excel (.xls), Publisher, Apple Pages, Mac & Google Docs.

What is the Completion certificate?

A completion certificate is your legal, formal, and official record of completing any course, plan, assignment, or training program. Such a document holds the name of the individual or individuals involved, their contribution, learning, task, input, etc. The provider also gives a tiny remark, with both positive and negative words, as per the performance was. To simplify your job to reflect the performance in the paper, we have prepared several accomplishments certificates. They can help you in providing perfect notes and remarks on school certificates, training certificates, management certificates, medical certificates, etc. Have a look at them today!

How to make a Completion Certificate?

Framing either a completion achievement certificate or a sports certificate is never hard, but it might take a little time. We have summarized the process of making the most uniquely and concisely. We have specified it in the following steps and have followed the same while preparing the templates we offer you.

Step 1: Choose background layouts and bordering styles as per you want the certificate to look.

Step 2: Add the organization or institution's name on the top with a large font size and in bold character. Keep them in the middle placing and use any letter style if you want. Following this, place the address and site address beneath the name.

Step 3: Keep the certificate title next, place it in the middle in a highlighted manner using, font size, color, style, etc.

Step 4: Describe the remarks that you need to make and leave some blank space for individual information and details. It would help you to use the same document to certify different people.

Step 5: Conclude the certificate with authority heads' names and space for their signature that would authorize the document.

What is the Importance of a Construction Completion Certificate?

Construction of a building or corporate tower is never a mere job. The way an approved plan is necessary, completion of the construction work is also crucial. It holds the performance of the builder on how perfectly he followed the project in managing the construction task with the mentioned standards. Such remarkable certificates are proof of the excellence of builders and contractors, that is why it is important.

A construction completion certificate must contain:

  • A legal document, stating that the construction meets all the safety rules and regulations met as per governmental construction acts and policies.
  • A No Objection Certificate (NOC) that the builder obtains from the municipal authorities in the under-construction period.
  • Authorization from the local authority after inspection, such jurisdiction can be municipal authority or development authority.

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