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What Is a Contest Flyer?

A contest flyer is a form of paper advertisement that is widely distributed and posted in public places in order to advertise and promote a certain contest or tournament. These types of flyers are often incorporated with the use of catchy and bright layouts so that they can attract more participants.

How To Create A Contest Flyer

contest flyer template

Flyers, in general, are often used by corporate businesses because they are considered as a low-cost form of mass marketing and communication. Its usage is not just limited to contests, it can also be used as announcement flyers, gaming, sports, dance, and music flyers. In creating a convincing contest flyer, you have to be particular and creative with its layouts and graphics. These two elements would play a major role in your promoting agenda so that you can reach your number of target audiences and participants. We have listed some useful guide steps below that might be helpful for your contest flyer-making.

1. Know Your Goals

The first step to consider in running a successful contest is to determine your goals. These goals should answer questions on what do you want to achieve and what's your main purpose in establishing this contest. Would this contest give you bigger sales? Would this contest help you promote your organization? Drive your contest's success by defining your outcomes. Your determined goals should be aligned with your business and marketing objectives.

2. Choose A Flyer Size

Like brochures, postcards, and other advertising materials, flyers also come in different formats and dimensions. Some include A4 (roughly letterhead size), A5 (half letterhead size), and A6 (postcard size). Try to go for the most appropriate size so that it can be more convenient and handy to use by your audience.

3. Determine Contest Details And Prizes

A contest won't be made possible without all the necessary details and prizes associated with it. If you want to attract more participants to your contest, then you should probably offer bigger and unique prizes. Contest details should also be presented clearly because this will guide interested customers on when and where to go. You can surely run a successful contest if you are going to be mindful of this step.

4. Establish Your Contest

Now that you have all the theories in place. It's now time to establish your contest. In this step, you should be able to determine what advertisement materials should you use in order to successfully promote and build your contest. Since we're talking about creative flyers, then flyers should be your number one option, but if possible, don't just settle for one advertising strategy. You can also make use of digital marketing so that the news about your contest can be widely spread.

5. Track Your Results

After organizing the contest, try to keep track of the overall results by using datasheets. Was the contest successful? Did you reach your target number of participants and audiences? Were they satisfied with the results? The data gathered will serve as your basis whether you have successfully promoted and advertised the contest or not.

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