Monitoring how money comes and goes can be a challenging job for some people. Luckily, we have controllers to help us out. Controllers, like all other accounting jobs, are essential in a business. They oversee the production of financial reports, monitors the company's accounting inventory, and ensures proper management of accounting records. The job is similar to that of a finance manager. If you are a controller seeking to secure a job at a company, but find it difficult to compete with the market, worry no more. With our Cover Letter Templates, we help do the talking for you. Subscribe to our library now and lead the competition today!

What is a Controller Cover Letter?

Beating the competition can be tough, especially in the accounting field. As per the website, CPATrendlines, there are 216,482 students enrolled in accounting in the US. A controller cover letter helps even the odds. It allows you to get the boost that you need in order to step up the competition. Are you good at managing the comings and goings of a company's merchandise? Are you good at directing the flow of cash in a business? A financial controller or document controller position is most definitely for you! But how do you write a controller cover letter?

How to Make a Controller Cover Letter

Most people believe that writing a cover letter is a daunting and unnecessary task. However, most recruiters disagree. Though there are recruiters who ignore cover letters, more hiring managers refer to a cover letter to get a better insight into the applicant. Whether it's for an entry-level, junior, or a senior position, writing a cover letter gives you an edge over other applicants. Take a look at a few tips that we have outlined for you. It is suitable for the fields of healthcare, retail, o construction industry.

1. Research

Proper research is a good practice for most people. In this case, once you dig deep into the company you want to apply to, you can tailor-fit your cover letter to what the company needs. The bonus part is you get to know the company better and judge if this is the company you want to work with.

2. Refer to the Job Description

An excellent cover letter corresponds to the job description thoroughly. It answers the "whys" and "whats" of the company. Write and rewrite, if you must. But use the job description as your guide.

3. Stump Them with a Good Intro

A good cover letter knows how to impress the hiring manager with the very first sentence. And a good writer knows that a good opening sentence always starts with humble-brags. If humble-brags are ever any good, it's in the first line of the first paragraph of your cover letter.

4. Go into Details

In the second paragraph, be descriptive with your achievements as much as you can. You can excite your hiring manager by adding in all your character and academic achievements.

5. Synch It with Your Resume

Remember that feeling when you're writing a resume, but can't expound on the set of skills or work experience that you have? Now's your chance to elaborate on those skills and work experience. We even have templates available that you can refer to to help you out with this task.

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