Horizontal ID Card Templates

Using's Free Editable Horizontal ID card templates, you can create attractive ID cards for your company. Organization Logo, Orientation, Employee Photo, Name, Designation, Durability, Signature, Contact Info, and Address are included, Single or Dual Sided. Customize, Edit and Print your own Professional Designs Online.See more

Free Horizontal ID Card Template, Printable, Download

You can create unique ID Cards for your company using the Free Editable Horizontal ID Cards from We offer samples of our template ID cards for staff and employees, student IDs, professional, transparent, and blank photo IDs, as well as parallel designs. Start immediately by selecting one of these free ID card templates to produce more precise IDs.

Customize Horizontal Identity Card, ID Badge Online for Free and Download

Create better and more accurate IDs for your organization using our Free Editable Horizontal ID Card Templates. Our templates include school IDs, cleaning staff IDs, and modern, straightforward lanyard designs. These templates can all be modified by our editor tool. You can customize and alter the text and font styles, as well as dragging and dropping elements like the company logo, vector symbols, and backgrounds. Download the PDF template once you have a design and begin printing.