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What is a Horizontal ID Card?

Like any other identification cards, horizontal ID cards are also used to prove a person's identity. It is often based on personal information such as the cardholder’s full name, photo, age, birth date, address, identification number, card number, gender, citizenship, and more. ID cards are used in schools, companies, organizations, and countries to distinguish people’s information.

As based on the U.S Government’s senate bill, horizontal identification cards can be used as an indicator of whether the person is legally aged 21 and above. On the opposite, vertical identification cards would imply that the cardholder is still younger than the target legal age. It would be easy for most organizations to identify the cardholder when the ID card is in horizontal or landscape orientation. Horizontal ID cards present the image of the cardholder as well as his or her personal information easier than vertical ID cards. Horizontal ID cards are used for employees, students, professionals or even used as a badge or a driver’s license.

How to Make a Horizontal ID Card

Identification cards are very helpful most especially in identifying people. In creating a horizontal ID card, you can either start on a blank canvass or you can simply download a horizontal ID card template for you to save your time. Here are the following guidelines on how to make horizontal ID cards using ready-made ID card templates.

1. Be Specific with the ID Card Theme and Format

You need to choose a specific horizontal ID card design theme and format for you to get started. The ID card’s theme must relate to the branding elements of the organization. You must give the impression you wanted to present the cardholder. For instance, if you wanted to let your company to be identified as one of the best companies in the city, it is best to choose a formal and a professional ID theme wherein the ID card’s design is minimal and the background is only using formal colors like cream or white. With this, the cardholder will be easily identified as a company worker.

2. Do Not Forget the Branding Identity Elements

Horizontal ID cards reveal more spaces than the vertical type. To make the employee ID look professional enough for your organization, you need to include your organization’s branding identity elements. You need to incorporate your company logo, letterhead design if there’s any, address, contact number, and lastly, you must also include the organization’s color schemes.

3. Choose a Ready-Made Horizontal ID Card Template

Next, choose a ready-made horizontal ID card template for you to use and customize. Choose one of the sample horizontal ID card templates that come with the suitable horizontal ID card size, layout, header, texts, and graphic images that you might need. If you choose one, you do not have to consume much of your time crafting a horizontal ID card from a blank canvass.

4. Add the Necessary Information

If your horizontal corporate ID card template is ready, open the template in your convenient editing software and start customizing the contents of the template. Replace the texts with the cardholder’s personal information like the full name, complete address, date of birth, identification number, and so on. It is also at this step where you need to add the photo of the cardholder.

5. Print Your Horizontal ID Card

Lastly, save the creative ID card design to start printing it. Use high-quality printing material to ensure that the ID card is durable and would absorb the ink well. Check the printed ID card before handing them to the cardholder.

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