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What Is a Housekeeping Cover Letter?

Individuals who are seeking a housekeeping job position should submit a cover letter that will cover their relevant housekeeping work experience and indicate the practical skills they possess that make them fit for the job.

How to Compose a Housekeeping Cover Letter

Like any other kind of cover letters, writing one for a housekeeping job application is vital since it helps an applicant get a call for a job interview. It may seem like landing on a housekeeping job in the United States is not a challenge at all since Statista reports that there more than 900,000 maids and housekeeping cleaners in 2018 alone.

However, this does not mean that you should already feel overly confident since you will still face competitors along the way that will hinder you from landing the job. With that said, you can get help with composing your cover letter with the following tips and guidelines provided below.

1. Always Present Yourself Professionally

Thinking of going casual just because you are applying for a housekeeping job? Well, that is where you are mistaken. Housekeeping jobs in hospitals, hotels, and other business establishments are noble jobs that, if it ceases to exist, will inevitably jeopardize the operations of many businesses. You need to think highly of this job, so the human resources managers will also treat you with high regard, and you will also earn an excellent first impression from them.

2. Cite Examples to Prove Your Work Ethic

Saying that you possess an impeccable work ethic is not enough--you need to provide examples that prove that you indeed possess such. For instance, you want to say that you are a smart worker, then you should illustrate that one time when working smart in the previous cleaning services earned you praises and recognition from your last employer.

3. Avoid Missing Out Key Details

You may get too absorbed in informing your prospective employer of your skills and qualification to the point that you will forget your crucial contact details. You need to avoid—at all costs—forgetting your contact details because this is how hiring managers will get in touch with you in case they are impressed with the contents of your resume and cover letter.

Even if you are only often required to secure your contact number and email address, you still need to double-check if your cover letter has already stated this.

4. Avoid Making It Just About You

Even if you are basically writing a cover letter to sell yourself, it is also essential to include the company you are applying for. You can cite how much you have researched about the company and the observations that you saw in the company that made you want to be on board. Doing so guarantees that you can impress your prospective employer.

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