Debut Invitation Templates

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Elegant, floral, or bohemian. Any girl will love each of our Debut Invitation Templates for their special day! A diverse collection of these invitations is accessible down below. All of our beautifully designed templates can easily be downloaded whenever you need them. These files are available in 5x7 inches + Bleed. Here at, our layouts are high-quality and 100% customizable. You can change them to black, pink, blue, gold, or red — any color you want. Our designs are ready for Microsoft Word (.doc), Adobe Illustrator (.ai), Adobe Photoshop (.psd), and Microsoft Publisher (.pub). Download one of our designs today and make your invitation card stand out!

What is a Debutante Ball (Debut Party)?

A debutante ball is a rite of passage event in America, the United Kingdom, Australia, and some parts of Europe. The word Debutante came from the French word 'débutante' which means a 'female beginner.' A debutante is a young woman of upper-class family background who has reached maturity and, as a new adult, comes out into society at a formal "debut" or possibly debutante ball. A participant usually does this on her 16th or 18th Birthday.

The International Debutante Ball is the most popular of these celebrations. Qualified debs though still need to pay a steep amount of $22,000 each. While being a guest could cost someone $100,000 to join this prestigious event. Usually, there are around 18-22 women that's part of the ball. (From the 2017-2019 IDB). With escorts and cadets from the Academy or West Point joining in.

How To Create A Debut Invitation?

Currently, there approximately are 142,097 businesses under the Party & Event Planners Industry in the US (2019). The current revenue of this industry is at $5 billion. With such a vast market, surely everyone in this industry desires to create something unique and fabulous. With our invitation templates, you are sure to outgrow your competitors. If you are interested, a set of steps is available below to help you venture towards the unknown of the events trade.

1. Have a List

When you are planning to make a party, a to-do list and a list of whom to invite is a must. Word-of-mouth invitation though is all right, but in this modern age, it is better to have a record. Including someone on that list, not only ensures their response but it also makes their participation special. Practically, it is also advisable to have a list for you to know if the individual is free and will be able to join the party or not.

2. Make a Draft

After finishing the register of your guests, it is now time to make a draft of the design. Make something unique. To create something from another sample invitation might be tempting, but if you want the host or the guests to feel good about the party, make a personal invitation. If the individual loves pastel colors, you might want to use that as part of the design.

3. Find An Editing Application

The next step is to find an editing tool that will help you in designing what is on your mind. Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Microsoft Publisher are great programs that will surely help you. Finding one is simple.

4. Use Your Application

After discovering the perfect application, you can go ahead and design your elegant invitation. Make necessary adjustments as you deemed fit. For example, since you find a pure royal blue as too stale, then you can either make it darker or lighter depending on your whole concept. Remember to make things complement the background. Black and White are the best base colors. You can never go wrong when you're using these two colors.

5. Save and Print

Lastly, after all the process, you can now start printing. Do remember to save files before doing the printing. Keeping a copy not only assures you that you can still go back if something went wrong. You can also be sure that you will never go back to blank if something indeed happens. Be sure that you have the perfect printable invitation material that goes with the colors you've chosen. Consider the materials you are using. Examine your method of printing also.