You’ve probably encountered a meme that says, “It’s just graduate because no one graduate in law school that stays fresh.” No matter how true that statement is, in writing a lawyer cover letter, you have to be specific if it’s for entry-level or not. Need a cover template that fits a lawyer? Browse from our various compilation of Ready-Made Lawyer Cover Letter Templates! Compose an impressive one using the sample content that’s 100% customizable. No PC? No problem! Access these templates straight from your mobile devices! Pick a file format compatible with your chosen device. Download now and impress the hiring manager!

What Is a Lawyer Cover Letter?

A lawyer cover letter is a document attached to your resume. It’s an introduction to your desire to apply, plus the exceptional qualifications that make you fit to be a lawyer in a law firm or government institution.

How to Write a Lawyer Cover Letter

Much like inside the courtroom, the competition is fierce in the world of the legal profession. According to the American Bar Association, there are 1.3 million lawyers in the U.S. And the number of law students is increasing.

Stand out from the overwhelming crowd by considering our tips in writing a professional cover letter.

1. Choose Your Preferred Cover Letter Type

There are various types of cover letters. Make sure to choose the right one that matches the job position you’re interested in.

2. Address It to a Specific Person

It’s your job to search for the addressee of your cover letter. Make sure to write the correct name, even the spelling.

3. Don’t Repeat the Content of Your Resume

A cover letter attracts the reader and gives him/her reasons to check out your resume. Hence, they should have different content.

4. Customize Your Cover Letter

Hiring managers are experts in this matter. So they will immediately know if your cover letter is too generic. Write an original one. Although you can use a template, be sure to personalize it.

5. Review and Edit

Run over your cover letter and check for any grammar errors and typos. Hiring managers can be strict when it comes to these.

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