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What is a Memorial Brochure?

A memorial brochure is a type of document that is usually handed out for specifying the upcoming funeral program. It is released after an obituary is made. It contains the flow of the program, information about the deceased, relatives and friends, a photo of the deceased, and the venue.

How to Make a Memorial Brochure?

Death is unexpected and inevitable. If the death of a loved one occurs, you have a few days to gather all the needed information to put it into the memorial brochure. Do not panic as it is possible to make one instantly with the guidelines given below:

1. Gather the Data Needed

With the help of your other family members and relatives, gather information about the deceased. You can ask people to write information that they know about the deceased and give them a time duration. Afterward, you can chunk the information you gathered in preparation for the next step.

2. Choose Appropriate Fonts and Images

Make sure to include a good image of the deceased. Crop it appropriately as it would be served as the last portrait of the deceased to be seen. Also, stick with one or two fonts to avoid it to look sloppy. This is also not the time to be colorful and stick with the black or cream-colored paper for a bi-fold brochure.

3. Pick your Brochure Cover

Make your memorial brochure cover remarkable as it would be the first thing that everyone sees. Your possibilities and choices are endless. You can select images like flowers or sunsets. You can even put the photo, name, birth date and date of death of the deceased, or create a memorial invitation that would showcase the life of the deceased.

4. Decide your Memorial Brochure Layout and Print

Funeral brochures are not required to be in a trifold layout. It can be in a bifold (pamphlet) form or four-page fold depending on what the family or relatives of the deceased want. Input the gathered data from steps one to three into your sample brochure and make it concise. After finalizing everything, print your memorial brochure. You can choose whether you will print it at home or you will let a professional do it for you. Remember that picking the right paper to print would result in a presentable and keepable memorial brochure.

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