Losing a loved one is sad. However, we must remind ourselves that just as life has a beginning, it also has an ending. Let every family and friends celebrate the life of the departed one by sending them a memorial invitation. Finding the right words to write can be difficult when mourning. So, let Memorial Invitation Templates help you in this time of need. Choose among the collection of ready-made templates that professionals have created. Place your mind at ease because these are guaranteed printable and original. You can also customize the templates, and you can download the templates to your computer and mobile device. Get your template now.

What is a Memorial Invitation

Memorial Invitations serves as an announcement and invitation to family and friends to attend a departed person's funeral.

How to Make a Memorial Invitation

According to US funerals, there are two million funerals that are held every year. Creating memorial invitations is part of the preparation for the departed person's memorial day. You can familiarize yourself with the process by reading the tips below.

1 Select a Graphics Design Software

Using computers will reduce the amount of effort that you have to invest in making memorial invitations. Choosing a graphics design software gives you a lot of options and tools for designing the layout of your invitation. There are a lot of graphic design software that you can choose from, but among them, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop are popular.

2 Plan the Layout

Layouts are important. They serve as the guiding format for your design. When designing an invitation, you have to think about the things that make a proper invitation. Familiarize yourself with these things by looking at references that can guide you.

3 Start with The Departed Person's Name and Date of Birth and Departure

After planning the layout, you can start making the invitation. Start with the departed person's name, date of birth, and date of departure. You can put the person's photo to serve as a remembrance to his or her loved ones.

4 Write the Invitation's Body

Next, write the message that invites people to join the memorial service. It would be good if you can write a little tribute for the departed in the memorial invitation. Have a list of people to invite and address an invitation to them individually.

5 Finalize the Invitation

Finalize the invitation, prepare the final version for printing. Collect the prints and have them delivered to the people invited.

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