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Free Memorial Invitation Template, Printable, Digital, Download is a free online design tool and a library of Memorial Day and Funeral Invitation Templates with original content, suggestive vectors, images, and background designs you can print and share on Whatsapp. Some of our available samples include memorial service announcement templates, funeral service invitations, and viewing funeral mass invitations, among others.

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Creating a funeral announcement to invite friends or family members to celebrate the departed's death anniversary, a celebration of life service or 40th day from interment prayer can be more professional and simple with Any elegant, simple, floral, or modern funeral program card, obituary, or other forms of memorial invitation stationery you choose is designed to honor the loving memory of the departed. Mix and match the suggestive design elements to create a beautiful layout. After editing, download a PDF or PNG file of your copy.  


  • How to prepare for a memorial service?

      1. Choose an overall theme for the service.
      2. Decide on a location.
      3. Choose the date for the service.
      4. Prepare to write the obituary.
      5. Notify relatives and friends that are out of town.
      6. Decide on who leads the service.
      7. Decide the order of service.
  • How long does a memorial service last?

      On average, a memorial service can last up to 30 to 40 minutes. However, it may last longer if the person was well-known. Speeches and readings can also make a memorial service longer.

  • Do you serve food on memorial services?

      When serving food on memorial service, make sure that the departed's favorite food is part of the menu. Beverages and desserts are also ok. The food should be served right after the memorial service. It would be best if you did not serve any alcoholic drinks.

  • What is the memorial service etiquette?

      Everyone in the memorial service is expected to be reserved. The dress code should be conservative, and attendees should keep their voices down, and if possible, the conversations should be at a minimum.

  • What do you bring in a memorial service?

      When attending a memorial service, it is customary to bring flowers to signify that you are offering your condolences.