Preschool Planners Templates

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How to Make a Preschool Planner

Over the past few years, the government and educators alike have been vocal about the importance of preschool education. In the US, education from the age of 4 and up is publicly funded in most of the states, thus making early childhood education more accessible for families. And this is with good reason. According to a study published on the Economy Policy Institute, enrolling a child in a high-quality preschool benefit the child, their family, and society as a whole. There is evidence that they succeed better in latter schooling, have a better home life, and less likely to pursue criminal behavior compared to children who skip kindergarten. 

It is a top priority for educators to ensure that their students get the best quality education they can possibly. Through planning and organizing lessons and activities better, you can ensure that you maximize your time in pursuing other tasks because early childhood educators surely do have a lot of tasks to do in one day. Through a good-quality planner, you can easily plan your lessons ahead in a daily, weekly or even monthly manner. If you want to get the best possible outcome of your Preschool Planner, read more for a few tips and tricks ready for you.

Create a Weekly Lesson Plan Sheet

Because preschoolers rely on routine, having a lesson plan that shows your week’s routine, lessons and themes can help any teacher see what activities you have prepared for the kids. Unlike students in the primary or secondary levels, lesson plans in the preschool level are simple and can be laid out in a weekly calendar or format.

Have a Page for Inspiration Gathering

The beauty of working in the preschool field is using your creativity to integrate life-lessons with things that pique the interest of the children-- whether these are dinosaurs, cars, or pretend-play. Teachers must have the talent to plan out activities that are fun for everyone in the class. While planning methods are different from one teacher to the next, having a page in their teacher planner that allows them to bullet journal or create a mind map can be of great help in finding activities for the kids.

Dedicate a Day for Schedule Making

Having a schedule for things to do throughout the day, week or month can help you manage your time better because frankly, teachers are almost always pressed for time. We suggest that you choose a day in the week where you can sit down and just plan everything from lesson plans to snack preparation to school-wide events, and even socialization occasions.

Continue Adding Pages

If you have decided to choose a template for your planning needs, remember to not be afraid of adding additional pages to your existing planner. Different institutions have different overall activities. Some might be heavy on staff meetings and school-wide activities which you may need to track down the meeting minutes of, while others may not. Some schools might put a good amount of focus on parent or guardian involvement while others will have a different center point. Whatever fits your needs, customizing your overall planner to accommodate these necessities should be done to make your planning life as convenient as possible.