Excited for your pool party? Do you want to promote your resort by hosting a poolside bash? Is your birthday fast approaching and you want to have a pool-themed birthday extravaganza? Then worry no more about the preparations for your upcoming gathering since we will help you in advertising it! We have beautifully designed Pool Party Flyer Templates that will be a great help for your event. No need to sweat in making your own designs since these templates are 100% customizable and easily editable with high-quality graphics. These are all printable and are available in Adobe InDesignIllustrator, Photoshop, Publisher, Microsoft Word, and Apple Pages file formats. Download quickly and start preparing for your swimming party!

What Is a Pool Party Flyer?

A pool party flyer is a way of advertising a resort or spreading the news of an event held in a swimming pool or waterpark. It can be a birthday bash that has a pool party theme or a launch party of summer swimwear held in a water adventure park. This type of marketing material is commonly used by resorts that aim to promote their beach, swimming pool, and indoor pool during summer since competition is high during that season.

How to Create a Pool Party Flyer

pool party flyer template

Pool parties are now trending, most especially among teenagers. That is why it is not new for everyone to, once in a while, receive a pool party invitation or flyer. Usually, a person who will be having an 18th birthday or those who have a mansion with a swimming pool often uses a pool party flyer. There are now a lot who use this theme for their birthday invitations or party flyers, so it will be now tricky to make one that will stand out among the others. There are steps below to guide you in making a pool party flyer.

1. Identify the Theme

The pool party alone is not the theme. You can upgrade your flyer by having other themes that will complement your pool party food, outfit, supplies, and, most importantly, the type of event you will be hosting. You can use a theme according to the season your event will be happening, or you can have theme ideas from the most popular themes like splash, minimal, vegas, Ibiza, Hawaiian, and Miami pool party flyers.

2. Create an Eye-Catching Headline

The invitation wording of your flyer is important. Remember that you need to advertise or invite a lot of audiences so your headline should be compelling enough. Make a striking headline that will entice them to be part of your party. The headline could be a simple title that relates to your pool event and the theme of your simple flyer. For example, you may craft a headline that matches your Summer Beach Pool Party and Tropical Pool Party theme.

3. Indicate the Location and Date

Of course, what is the purpose of hosting the event and spreading a flyer if the guests don't have any idea when and where it will be held? The flyer should contain the date and location of your pool party. If you want, you can add specific details about the dress code in case the party is a kids' pool party.

4. Layout the Flyer

Since you now have the design concept and details of your flyer, it is time to decide on the layout of your flyer. Decide first what type of flyer you will be making. You can choose from bi-fold, tri-fold, or if you want, you can just use our available pool party flyer templates shown above.

5. Insert other Design Elements

The flyer will be boring if it contains only plain text. Add some color to it. You can add some pool party images like a mermaid, flamingo, neon elements, or even BBQ grills. Then, use them as a background image of your sample flyer. Do not forget that the design and the theme of your flyer should coincide to make the end-product more beautiful.

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