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What Is a Pool Party Invitation?

Invitations are the creative way to invite your friends or colleagues to your special event. All occasions such as weddings, birthday parties, pool parties, and more will need an invitation if the host wants to have one. Event Invitations are important because they serve as a guide to your recipient in your party.

How to Make an Attractive Pool Party Invitation

pool party invitation template

Invitation cards are really fun to create especially if you are creating a pool invitation. This will really showcase your personality that's why you won't be having a hard tie creating it. But in case you are doubting yourself, we will gladly show you a step-by-step guide on how to make your dream pool invitation card. These are the following easy steps. Have fun!

1. Select a Design

In selecting the design for your invitation, you must consider the theme of your party and since you decided to have a pool theme party, then you must choose a design that is related to your selected theme. If ever you don't feel like designing your own pool invitation, then you may download templates here on our site that you can use as your invitation.

2. Pick the Right Invitation Size

The standard simple invitation card size is 5" x 7" or 10" x 14". But if you want to make your own sizes of invitations, then you have the right to do it. It also depends on you if you would like your invitation to be print out horizontally or vertically.

3. Write Down your Message

This is the most important part of creating an invitation. Your invitation will be nonsense if it doesn't answer the important questions about your party or the get-together such as the what, where, and when. The "what" is the most important question to be answered. Your recipient must know what you are celebrating or else they might get confused and could possibly lead to their absence. State it clear in your party invitation that you are having a pool party. The "when" is the second most important because this is the part where the recipient will know about the date and time of the celebration. And lastly, the "where" so that the people you invited will know where will you hold the party. In writing the important details mentioned above, you may use colorful fonts and witty headlines to showcase some of your personality.

4. Choose lively Photos

Since you are hosting a pool party, choose photos that are related to your theme and at the same time photos that are vibrant and inviting. Aside from choosing pool photos, you may also add beach or mermaid photos in your printable invitation to make it more lively. You can also add your own photos if you like to showcase your beauty.

5. Print your Invitation

You are now down for the last step on how to create a pool invitation which is the printing. But before you print your pool invitations, make sure you re-check and proofread it in case there is any lacking information about your party. Aside from that, make sure you print invitations enough to your recipient.

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