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Free Product Magazine Template, Printable, Digital, Download is a free online editor tool where you can browse for sample product magazine layouts with original content and other preset design elements you can edit for free conveniently. These create and professional magazine ideas are tailored for food products, medical, digital, beauty, web designs, and other products.  

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With's collection of preset product magazine layouts, there's no need for you to start from blank when making a magazine cover design for a startup technology solution, tea, food product, skin care product, new kids fashion apparel, etc. Edit the format to improve. After editing, download your copies in PDF or PNG. 


  • What is a magazine?

      A magazine is a periodical publication that contains various information about a product, service, entertainment, and more. 

  • What is the main objective of a product magazine?

      The main objective of a product magazine is to promote products and sell them to target consumers. It also informs and persuades the public to try a product and experience its benefits first-hand.

  • Is a product magazine an effective advertising tool?

      According to Small Business, the effectiveness of your product magazine will be based on your advertising and promotional objectives. 

  • What is the main advantage of a product magazine?

      The main advantage of a product magazine is that it provides high-impact messages and graphic designs that can attract attention and improve the visual presentation of your product. 

  • Is there as easy to create a product magazine?

      If you download and use a ready-made template, it will be easy for you to create your product magazine or a product flyer. For a variety of inspirations, you can browse online with you can find a fashionable, creative, or rustic design. Pinterest is a good start.