Companies that involve new product introduction and marketing should come with a person who oversees the processes. Considered as the brain behind the products, these professionals help ensure that the company achieves its sales quota or target. If you think you’ve got what it takes to become a production manager, then we have ready-made products to help you showcase your credentials. Check out our Product Manager Cover Letter Templates below, each one is well-written and 100% customizable. Stand out from the other aspiring managers by subscribing to our cover letter templates right now!

What Is a Product Manager Cover Letter?

A product manager cover letter is a written document that a prospect uses to apply for a product managerial job. This document showcases the prospect’s skills, achievements, and experiences to convince the reader that he or she is perfect for the job.

How to Write a Product Manager Cover Letter

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, managerial jobs have the highest median annual wage among major occupations in 2019. If you’re planning to work as a product manager, our tips below will help you in writing your cover letter.

1. Get Acquainted with the Company and Their Products

Since you’re applying for a product managerial position, it’s important to acquaint yourself with the company and its products. Are they selling pharmaceutical products? Or are they developing digital products such as software or mobile apps? Also, try to understand what these products are for.

2. Know the Person on the Receiving End

Other than knowing the company as a whole, you should also know the person who’ll receive and read your letter. It’s not good to get the recipient wrong, it will cost you the chance of getting hired. As you’re acquainting yourself with the company, be sure to get the name of the HR manager as well.

3. Introduce Yourself in the First Paragraph

When you begin writing your application letter, make sure to follow the ideal flow of the content. It’s just like engaging yourself in a formal conversation, introduce yourself first before proceeding to the details. Aside from your name, also mention where you found out about the job vacancy.

4. Explain Your Credentials in the Second Paragraph

After the introduction, proceed to explain your skills, key competencies, and achievements. You can also mention here relevant work experiences. Use this paragraph to sell yourself to the reader. However, make sure that the details you write here are different from the ones written in your resume.

5. Thank the Reader in the Third Paragraph

Make your formal letter courteous and polite, especially in the last part. Don’t forget to thank the reader for going through your letter. Considering how many documents they’re dealing with each day, they will really appreciate even the smallest acts of gratitude.

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