Product Mind Map Templates

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As life gets more sophisticated, the products we want and need get to be more complex as the months pass by. New products are invented to answer problems that come out as our civilization advances.  Old technologies are continually undergoing innovation, and the development of new technologies continues. Businesses come up with new products all the time, but these products did not come out of thin air. Conceptualization and planning are involved. One of the best ways to conceptualize is by employing a mind map. You can find excellent examples of ready-made product mind map templates here on our website. Edit and download them instantly to fit your needs. Choose a template now.

How to Create a Product Mind Map

Mind mapping is an excellent way to explore new concepts an organize relevant ideas. It is a diagram that will be quite useful in marketing and business planning and management. Now that you have an idea of how beneficial mind maps can be, why don't you read the tips below so that you can learn how to design them yourself.

1. Select the Main Concept

Mind maps are diagrams that enable you to explore a concept, by organizing the relevant ideas and show how connected the said ideas to the main concept. However, a mind map can only explore one concept at a time. Mind mapping is not limited when it comes to ideas that could be explored, so feel free to come up with business plans and concepts that you think are worth exploring.

2. Identify supporting ideas

Mind maps consist mainly of two types of ideas, the main concept, and the supporting ideas. Your objective in doing a mind map is to explore the main concept by showing how connected the supporting ideas are to the main concept. Search for ideas that may serve as a reference.

3. Add The Primary Branches

In order to keep your concept exploration organized, You must add the branches. In your mind map, the central concept is placed in the center, and the supporting ideas are placed on the branches that follow a radial pattern as they branch out. The branches closest to the main idea are the primary branch. The ideas assigned to them serves to outline the following supportive ideas.

4. Add More Branches For New Ideas

As more ideas come, you can add new branches to your business mind map.

5. Be Creative

A mind map is a diagram. It's a visual tool for learning. Because of this, you would want to make an effort to make it look good. Being a graphic designer is not a requirement; however, it might be helpful if you learned some of their techniques.


  • What's a Mind Map?

      A mind map is a diagram that allows for an organized exploration of any specific concept. It can only explore one concept at a time. It shows the relationship of the central concept to the supporting ideas.

  • What's Difference Between Mind Map and Concept Map?

      A mind map explores one concept at any given time. Its branches follow a radial pattern with the main concept located at the center. A concept map is capable of exploring more than one concept. It follows a top-down configuration and shows that supporting ideas can be connected to multiple central concepts.

  • Where Can Mind Map be Applied?

      A mind map can be applied in any idea or concept you could think of. If you wish to explore an idea, you can employ a mind map.

  • How Useful is a Mind Map?

      A mind map is a very convenient way to explore an idea since it allows you to keep track of the supporting ideas as they come. Since you can keep track of your new ideas, you also ensure that you will not stray into an unrelated irrelevant idea.