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Choose Any Fillable Salary Certificate Template from and Edit It Online for Free. Customize the Professional Suggestive Organization Name, Certificate Title, Employee Name, Date, Signature, and Salary Details. Print or Download for Free Your Chosen Design. See more

Free Salary Certificate Template, Printable, Download

Explore our template library to find an editable sample salary certificate for bank account opening. Customize online for free the border and background design of your chosen Salary Certificate Template. Edit the original text to indicate the employee's monthly salary. Feel free to add decorative vectors to make any official document for compensation certification more aesthetically pleasing. Whether you want to make a simple or elegant design for your certification document, our online design tool lets you realize how you envision your certificate layout.

Customize Employee Salary Certificate Online for Free and Download

Is your employee applying for a personal loan or school loan? Applying for a bank loan or opening a savings account requires a salary certification. That said, equip your employees with a compensation certificate. Enjoy an easy start by choosing a free high-resolution salary certificate layout you can edit on our website. Add the necessary details about your employee, be they a teacher, accountant, or operations manager. A quick tip: use a "To Whom It May Concern" as the header if you're not sure about the addressee. Afterward, print and download for free in PDF or PNG.


  • What’s the use of a salary certificate?

      A salary certificate is a useful document that certified the employment of an employee. Its usage goes beyond that since you can also use it for various transactions such as when you apply for a bank loan.

  • Why do I need a salary certificate?

      Having a salary certificate is indicative that you’re working for an organization and is receiving compensation. It will come in handy when you enter into a transaction that will ask for verification of your income.

  • Can I make my own salary certificate?

      Only an authorized person can issue a salary certificate since it’s a document that contains critical information. It needs to have the company stamp and signatures that certifies its authenticity. Hence, it’s not a document that can be created by anyone, let alone by yourself.

  • What's the difference between salary certificate and salary slip?

      A salary slip is literally like your payslip, which you receive every paycheck; it contains your base pay, deductions, and other details. A salary certificate, on the other hand, is a document verified by an employer about the salary you are receiving during your employment with a company.

  • What are the components of a salary certificate?

      A salary certificate consists of the following information:
      1. The employee’s total earnings for a specific period
      2. A content that verifies that the employee is part of the organization
      3. Summary of the employee’s net salary