Concert Tickets Templates

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What is a concert ticket?

Just like any other admission tickets, concert tickets are people's access to enter the concert venue. These tickets hold crucial information such ass the concert's place, date, time, seat assignment, and the ticket price.

How to Create a Concert Ticket

According to Nielsen Releases In-Depth Statistics on Live Music Behavior, 52 percent of the American population attends music concerts in just a year. Holding concert shows are one of the fastest-growing industries for the past few years. Knowing these events will be swarmed by thousands of people, organizers need to control them through their concert tickets. Tickets will not only give the audience access to the concert hall, but it also helps organizers record and track the number of attendees. If you are looking for ideas on how to create functional concert tickets, then you are in the right place!

1. Decide a Ticket Design 

Concert tickets are also tokens of the wonderous experience avid fans get to have in a concert. You should select a design that fits the event well for your audience to remember your concert. For example, the show has a theme like retro. Applying a design that is close to vintage and retro would be just right. Tickets are also another form of marketing material that helps you catch potential customers' attention. 

2. Include the Essential Information Needed 

Tickets are your audience's key to access to your event. You should place essential details to keep them guided accordingly. Usually, it contains the concert's performers, venue, event schedule, seating location, and ticket price. Safety and security are one of the top priorities as an organizer. Nowadays, some concert-goers and even concert organizers are facing tough situations with scammers and scalpers. Placing official seals will validate your tickets and avoid the possible trouble your target audience may experience. Security codes like barcodes, ticket numbers, and holographic stickers will also help you keep the crowd on control as the event goes on. 

3. Pick a Concert Ticket Template

Using templates will ease your troubles in preparing a concert ticket. There are various admission ticket templates available on our site that you can easily customize and download. These editable ticket templates already have the ticket outlines and background designs you need and are available in different file formats. Pick one ticket design template that fits your concert event most, and download them in any device convenient for you. 

4. Customize the Template

Since you have your printable ticket templates downloaded, you can now start customizing it to match your event. Replace and fill in the essential details you have gathered earlier to the template's layout from the schedule, venue, and the security codes. It will be easier than making tickets from scratch since the ready-made templates have suggestive areas to place your information. Make sure you have an organized layout so your audience can understand the concert ticket well.

5. Print and Post for Sale

Once your event tickets are ready, you can now print them in high-quality papers or cardstock to make it more presentable. See that all your the information inputted are correct and precise to avoid misunderstanding once tickets are out for selling. For tracking purposes, remember to keep a ticket copy for both concert-goers and organizers by placing a tear-off stub on the sold tickets to be collected on the day of the event.