We’ve been hearing the saying, “Time is gold.” In business, it really is gold because you can never delay the operation of your business. Otherwise, you’ll be facing failures that could have been avoided. Design a timeline roadmap for your project management with the help of our Ready-Made Timeline Roadmap Templates! The templates come in Word, Pages, Keynote, Excel, PDF, Google Docs, Google Slides, and Google Sheets. You can fully customize your chosen template to fit your personal requirements. With your PC or mobile device, you can easily grab the template you need. Download now and pave your way to success!

What Is a Timeline Roadmap?

A timeline roadmap is a type of roadmap that outlines your business goals and objectives presented in a well-defined timeline. This helps in improving your planning and management skills. It’s a tool to use when you want to outline your strategic plan and goals, as well as your desired outcome.

How to Create a Timeline Roadmap

The statistics published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that only 25% of new businesses are able to reach the 15-year mark or more. What could be the problem? One of the reasons why a business fails is the lack of planning, research, and flexibility. Improve your business strategy by creating a suitable timeline roadmap. Follow our provided tips below to know how.

1. Determine Your Audience

Know your people. When you get to know them, you can design a timeline roadmap that resonates with them.

2. Ask yourself the Whys and Whens

Why are you doing this timeline roadmap? When do you need this project? When you start asking yourself these types of questions, you can easily visualize your business milestone.

3. Choose a Roadmap Tool

Search for a suitable roadmap tool online where you can easily sketch your timeline roadmap. You can find a roadmap tool with blank slides or vector graphics that you can customize. Or simply use Powerpoint for easy presentation.

4. Start Sketching Your Roadmap

After determining the abovementioned elements, you now start to build your actual business roadmap. You can start by designing a swim lane diagram.

5. Make It Flexible

You might need a simple roadmap for your next product launch or business venture. And you might change your priorities and opt to redesign your roadmap. Hence, make it flexible.

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