Truck Driver Cover Letter Templates

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Finding work as a truck driver sounds simple enough, but you will get a great chance with the help of a cover letter. If you’re looking to create one conveniently then you’ve come to the right place! Check out our selection of Free Ready-Made Truck Driver Cover Letter Templates now available in Pages, Photoshop, Illustrator, MS Word, and Publisher. With these templates, you will be able to make a great cover letter thanks to the suggestive content prepared. It is also very easy to use allowing you to get this task done in a short amount of time. Download this now and you will surely get the interview to become a truck driver!

What is a Truck Driver Cover Letter

This type of cover letter is typically used by those who work in transportation and delivery services by truck. Truck drivers transport all sorts of heavy equipment and whose responsibilities not only include operating the truck but also handling the delivery of the truck’s contents in one piece. The cover letter is tailored specifically for truck drivers to introduce themselves and show their potential employers why they are worth hiring. 

How to Make a Truck Driver Cover Letter

Before trucks became the usual method of transporting goods and supplies, railroad trains did the task, carrying all manner of objects across the United States. Trucks became a popular vehicle to use as it didn't have the limitations of a railroad train. Delivery by truck is still a common method that has kept the truck driver’s occupation alive to this very day. If you want to make an impressive cover letter that will catch an employer's eye, follow these tips to get started.

1. Tell the Reason You're Joining

With this letter, you are telling your potential employer why you are a promising candidate for the job position and also why you want to work with them. Telling them your reasons why they are your choice gives them an idea of how long you are intending to work with them and that will increase the odds of your employment. If you are writing several cover letters for several applications, then tailor your reasons for each company rather than using the exact same ones so that it will look more convincing. 

2. Place The Details

Write your name in a large-sized font on top of the cover letter and place your contact information (the updated/active ones) which include your phone number and email address similar to letterheads. Writing your personal and contact information is important as your potential employers need to get a hold of you with ease once you’ve piqued their interest. Make sure the details are correct because if you place the wrong ones, your employer will have a hard time contacting you and might possibly give up and decrease your chances of getting that callback.

3. Be Specific

Driver is a very broad term. There are bus drivers, delivery drivers, etc. You are applying for the job of a truck driver so make sure you use those specific terms when writing your cover letter rather than just use the word driver. This is an important detail to specify so that the hiring staff knows exactly what you are applying for. The same goes for other parts of the cover letter as well, try not to make any vague comments and just be honest with your intentions and plans for this application.

4. Give Professional Details

Write down why you are a perfect fit for the job of a truck driver. You may include details about your experiences in driving or even place a copy of your driver’s license if it is requested. Doing this will make the hiring manager consider you, especially if your credentials are impressive.