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What is a Tutoring Flyer?

A tutoring flyer is a printed marketing material that is specifically created to promote a person’s or a company’s tutoring services. It is usually printed on paper or cardstock measuring 4 inches by 9 inches. Though anyone may opt to choose a flyer print size.

Aside from being highly promotional in nature, creative flyers can also be a rich source of information about a specific business, topic, event, person, product, or a combination thereof. In these cases, the flyer may be called leaflets or pamphlets.

How to Create a Tutoring Flyer

As a marketing tool, it’s important to make your service flyer stand out. We share these tips with you in this article. Take note of them so that you can easily replicate these techniques when making your own tutoring flyers.

1. Design & Layout

A striking advertising flyer design can readily capture a customer’s attention. This can come from an attractive color scheme, a clean and organized format, a well-composed photo layout, or a combination of all these elements. Make sure that your own tutoring flyer design ticks all these boxes.

2. Include Testimonials

A good marketing flyer should contain credible information. And an effective way to do that is by adding positive client testimonials. This signals to a potential customer that your tutoring center or the tutoring services you are offering are effective and reliable.

Client testimonials are can be effective in advertising a tutoring service since most of its clients want to get the same positive results in the subject or topic they were tutored for. It’s important to note that these testimonials should be bias-free and that these clients were not paid or compensated to only say positive things.

3. Compelling Call To Action

In a brochure and flyer marketing usage report, it was found that 79% of the small- and medium-sized business owners surveyed already use flyers to market their respective businesses. If this is the case, then why is it that these businesses still do not succeed?

A simple reason may have something to do with the flyer’s message. To further hook a potential customer’s interest, it needs compelling Call To Action. One that prompts a reader to sign up for your tutoring club or online tutoring services right away.

4. Add Personality To Your Flyer

Did you know that up to 7.8% of Americans between 18 to 29 years old have used a tutoring service in the past year? And this demographic is mostly comprised of millennials who look for authenticity in dealing with brands and businesses.

Business owners and marketers can add personality to their promotion flyers by using ad copy and CTAs that accurate and sound real. Don’t use salesy language. Talk like a real person who is talking to another human.

5. Make It Easy To Contact You

Whether you are making a flyer that offers online tutoring jobs or one that advertises yourself as the go-to English tutor in your area, always make sure that your sample flyers include complete and accurate contact information. This makes it easier for clients to reach you once the need to avail of your services. Include your office phone numbers, email address, company website, and official social media handles.

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