How to Copy a Form in Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms offers users the convenience not only of creating surveys, quizzes, and polls with ease but also of collecting and exporting the data they received from respondents. Much more with its feature of allowing the users to replicate pre-made templates or completed forms.

How to Copy a Form in Microsoft Forms

The accessibility of Microsoft Forms allows users to be friendly in reproducing already completed or finished questionnaires, polls, or ratings which establishments can utilize to save time on manually copying each question. Be guided on how to copy a form in Microsoft Forms as this will provide you convenience when working on certain projects.

  • Step 1: Log In to Your Account

    signinyourmicrosoftformsaccountSign in to Microsoft Forms using your Microsoft 365 work or school account or your Microsoft personal account. Alternatively, log in to, then look for the Microsoft 365 icons on the left and pick Forms.

  • Step 2: Select the Form

    Scroll to the bottom of the page and click ‘All My Forms’ where you can view the forms you have completed from previous work. Select the ‘More choices’ button in the upper right corner of the form’s tile, and then pick ‘Copy’. 


    You might be in List view and have a different arrangement. To copy a form in List view, hover over it and click ‘More options’ then ‘Copy’.

  • Step 3: Check Duplicated Form

    A duplicate form will appear at the top of your list under ‘All My Forms’. It will be titled the same thing as your initial form but you have the freedom to edit it into a different title.

  • Step 4: Input Edits and Changes

    So you can distinguish your copied form from the original one, you should immediately change the contents of the new one. You can start with editing the title and changing the description. Even changing the image will help you to identify which of the two would contain recent updates.


Can I copy questions from one Microsoft form to another?

As you navigate through your forms and opened the specific one you want to copy questions from, the next thing you must do is check the box to the left of each question; click on ‘Copy to’ and select the form that you want to copy the questions to.

How do I reuse a form in Microsoft?

Go to the three dots on a form while you are on the forms homepage; when you click the three dots, you are presented with two options: copy and delete which allows you to reuse a pre-made form you have completed.

How do I rename a copied form in Microsoft Forms?

To rename a form, open it and choose the title to modify it; this also changes the form name.

Can you transfer Microsoft Forms to another user?

Click ‘More Options’ in the top right corner of the tile of the form you own and want to transfer to another group, and then select ‘Move’.

What happens when you copy a Microsoft form?

Only the questions, structure, and layout of a form are transferred when you replicate it, and no current responses are brought over to the new form.