How to Send a Form on a Group Chat in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a social collaboration software that allows users to interact with multiple groups of people at the same time. The social aspect of Microsoft Teams allows the user to gather data via forms and surveys efficiently and easily. how-to-send-a-form-on-a-group-chat-in-microsoft-teams

How to Send a Form on a Group Chat in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has plenty of integrations that allow the user’s to share links and files through its chat function. Users with Microsoft 365 accounts can even create and collaborate on shared Microsoft Forms without needing to share said form via links and invites.

  • Step 1 – Start or Launch Any Version of Microsoft Teams


    The user can send their forms and other documents via the group chat function, which is available in all versions of Microsoft Teams. The user must first launch Microsoft Teams on their desktop or web browser.

  • Step 2 – Open Microsoft Forms


    Before the user can share the form, they will need to be able to obtain the access link for the said form. Begin this process by opening and logging in to Microsoft Forms on the user’s preferred web browser.

  • Step 3 – Copy the Link to the Form


    The user can generate a share link when they are viewing the contents of the form. To do this, the user will need to select the desired form, press the “Send” button on the top right corner of the screen, and choose the “Copy” button to copy the link on the user’s clipboard.

  • Step 4 – Open the Chat Tab on Microsoft Teams


    The user can now send the form’s link to a specific group chat in Microsoft Teams. This can be accessed by clicking the “Chat” button on the ribbon of Microsoft Teams and selecting the group to send the link to. The user must then paste the link on the chat and press enter to send it to their group.


Can I create a form on my team’s general channel in Microsoft Teams?

If you have access to the Microsoft 365 version of Microsoft Teams on your desktop or browser, then you can create a form by opening the team’s general channel, selecting the add or create button, and choosing the Forms option.

Will the form I share on the group chat be accessible by all the participants of said group chat in Microsoft Teams?

If the link of the form you sent was generated by the share function of Microsoft Forms, then yes, all the participants in your Microsoft Teams group chat can access and view the form you shared.

If I edit the form sent on my group chat in Microsoft Teams, will it immediately reflect the changes made on it?

Yes, it will reflect the output in real time, as long as you and the viewer have access to a consistent internet connection; this happens because these documents are connected via Microsoft Office’s cloud sharing service which will automatically stream any shared content.

When I create a form on my team’s general channel, will it automatically allow my other teammates to access and view the contents of the form?

Yes, any document/s made on the team’s general channel in Microsoft Teams will be automatically shared and given edit access to all the members of the said team; just note that anyone inside the team can edit the contents without your express permission.

Can the people I shared the form within the group chat of Microsoft Teams edit my form?

Depending on what type of permission is given to them by the creator of the form, if you have allowed anyone with the link to have edit access to the file, then anyone with the link will have the ability to edit the contents of the form.