How to Mute/Unmute a Chat in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a digital social platform developed by Microsoft Office, that allows businesses and companies to create a global workforce. One of the issues that may come up when using Microsoft Teams is that it does not regulate the interactions of those using it. how-to-muteunmute-a-chat-in-microsoft-teams

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How to Mute/Unmute a Chat in Microsoft Teams

There are plenty of ways to mitigate or prevent this issue from occurring in Microsoft Teams. If there is a person from the user’s contacts list that is barraging the user with constant messages, he/she can opt to mute the offending person.

  • Step 1 – Open or Launch any Version or Variation Microsoft Teams


    The mute feature is available in all the available versions of Microsoft Teams. Begin by opening or launching Microsoft Teams on the user’s desktop or preferred web browser.

  • Step 2 – Toggle the Chat View


    Microsoft Teams categorizes the different functions available in the software; the chat view allows the user to access the different group chats or conversations the user has. The user can access the chat view by clicking the “Chat” button on the ribbon.

  • Step 3a – Mute the Desired Person on the User’s Contacts List


    After the user has entered the Chat view, they can now mute the desired person on their contacts list. To do this, the user must right-click the desired person’s name and select the Mute option on the dropdown. Microsoft Teams will change the muted person’s icon into the mute sign after they have been muted.

  • Step 3b – Unmute the Desired Person on the User’s Contacts List


    Alternatively, if the user wishes to unmute the person, they can unmute them by right-clicking the muted person and selecting the unmute option on the dropdown.


Can I mute a group chat in Microsoft Teams?

Yes, Microsoft Teams allows the user to mute group chats and team channels by opening the chat tab in Microsoft Teams, right-clicking the group chat or team channel to access the dropdown, and then pressing the mute button to mute the channel.

When I mute a group chat or a team channel in Microsoft Teams, will the mentions (@name) made by my friends still ping me?

Yes, mentions and tags have a higher priority and supersede the mute function of Microsoft Teams; instead, you may change the way Microsoft Teams would notify you whenever someone mentions your tag in the group chat or team channel.

How long will the mute last in Microsoft Teams?

The mute will last as long as the user wants the mute to linger on the chat; this means that the mute will persist until the user unmutes the chat, group chat, or team channel.

If I exit Microsoft Teams after I have muted a person, group chat, or teams, will the mute persist?

Microsoft Teams will save any changes or edits the user has made inside the program; any muted chats, group chats, and team channels will stay muted even if you close or log out of Microsoft Teams.

Will the muted person, or group know that I have muted their chat in Microsoft Teams?

No, Microsoft Teams will not in any way shape, or form indicate that you have muted a specific chat, group chat, or team channel; but this doesn’t mean people can’t surmise or deduce that you have muted them in Microsoft Teams.