How to Trim Shapes and Lines in Microsoft Visio

Microsoft Visio can create professional flowcharts and diagrams for all occasions. Editing and collaborating with friends in real-time are also a feature that Microsoft Visio enables its users to maximize. how-to-trim-shapes-and-lines-in-microsoft-visio

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How to Trim Shapes and Lines in Microsoft Visio

Drawing a masterpiece in Microsoft Visio includes correcting details and adjusting shapes. These helpful steps will guide you on how to trim shapes and lines:

  • Step 1: Open Microsoft Visio


    Open Microsoft Visio and create a new drawing. You can choose to make a drawing from scratch or you can choose to use a template. However, in Visio templates, editing some shapes may not be available because they are locked in that position.

  • Step 2: Add the Developer Tab to Ribbon

    The Developer tab is where the option to trim can be found. However, this tab is not placed by default on the ribbon. To add, go to File, click Options, then click Customize Ribbon. A Visio Options screen will then appear and under the Main Tabs, tick the box beside Developer.

  • Step 3: Start Drawing

    When you can see the Developer tab on the row of ribbons, you can now start drawing. You can either customize shapes or choose from the selection of shapes and lines suggested by Visio based on the template you will choose. Simply grab all the stencils you need to complete your project, drop them on the page, and arrange them accordingly.

  • Step 4: Trim Shapes and Lines


    To trim, first, click Select in the Editing group and then click Select All but if you want a quicker way, just click on the drawing you’re working on and press CTRL+A. Next, click the Developer tab and look for Operations in the Shape design group then click Trim. Afterward, right-click the shape or line you want to trim and then click cut; repeat the last process until the desired drawing is achieved.


Do I need to manually add the Developer tab to the ribbon?

Yes, you have to manually add the Developer tab to the ribbon because it is not included in the default screen display in Microsoft Visio.

What is the fastest way to select all the shapes and lines in Microsoft Visio?

The fastest way to select shapes and lines in Microsoft Visio is by clicking the page of your drawing and using the keyboard shortcut CTRL+A.

Why can’t I resize or trim some shapes?

Some shapes can’t be edited or trimmed, especially if you are using shapes from templates, because they are locked and they’re meant to stay in that position or size.

When do I trim a shape or a line in Microsoft Visio?

Some components of a drawing, either shapes or lines, overlap each other because some parts are needed to complete an area in the drawing and this is when you need to trim these excess parts to avoid unnecessary image distraction.

How to trim shapes and lines that are only parts of a drawing?

If there are specific shapes or lines that you want to trim, don’t highlight or select the drawing as a whole; instead, select the shapes or lines you want to remove, right-click them, and click cut.