How to Add a Subscript/Superscript to Microsoft Visio

Microsoft Visio lets you create professional diagrams and flowcharts for various purposes and occasions. It also enables you to collaborate and edit drawings with other people to save time and elevate group productivity.

How to Add a Subscript/Superscript to Microsoft Visio

Even in diagrams or flowcharts, subscripts and superscripts are used to complete texts. This article will discuss the four ways to add subscripts and superscripts to Microsoft Visio.

  • Apply Subscripts/Superscripts through Keyboard Shortcuts

    Because technology is grounded on convenience and efficiency, systems and processes are given shortened versions maintain these values. Adding a subscript or superscript through keyboard shortcuts are relatively the easiest among these ways. To add a superscript, select the text you want to format then press CTRL and the Plus sign (+) at the same time while to add a subscript press, at the same time, CTRL and the Equals sign (=).

    Add Subscripts/Superscripts Formatting to Text

    Another way to add subscripts and superscripts to Visio is through the Font Dialog Box Launcher. In the Font group, which is located on the Home tab, is the Font Dialog Box Launcher that you need to click after highlighting the text you want to format. The launcher is a small arrow pointing down that is below the icon for changing the text color. After clicking the launcher, go to the Font tab and tick the boxes for Superscript and Subscript which are under Effects.

    Insert Subscript and Superscript Symbols


    To insert a subscript or superscript, click on the side of a word or letter where you want the symbol to be placed. Then click the Symbol on the Insert tab and select (normal text) in the Font drop-down list. After, select the Superscripts and Subscripts in the Subset drop-down list, click the symbol you want, and then press Insert.

    Insert Subscripts and Superscripts on the Web

    The previous procedures are practiced using Windows. To insert subscripts and superscripts on the Web, on the other hand, highlight the text or character you want then, on the Home tab, select the ellipses button or the More Font Options. After, select Subscript and Superscript from the Menu.


When do you use a subscript or superscript?

You can use subscripts or superscripts when you want to add a copyright or a trademark, or when you want to have a footnote on a document.

What is the difference between a subscript and a superscript?

A subscript is when a character or a symbol is slightly lower than the character beside it while the superscript is when a character is slightly above another character.

How to make a text subscript or superscript without changing the font size?

To make a text subscript or superscript without changing its font size, you can either enter a higher or lower percentage in the Offset box.

How do you undo a subscript or superscript formatting?

You can undo a superscript or subscript formatting by highlighting or selecting the text and then press CTRl+Spacebar.

How to insert superscript or subscript symbol in macOS?

To insert superscript or subscript symbol in macOS, click Symbol on the Insert tab then scroll to find Letterlike Symbols and select the symbol you want to insert on the text.