How to Add Legend in Microsoft Visio

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How to Add Legend in Microsoft Visio

You may have a preference to remove text labels from data graphics in your diagram or to employ data graphics that are not meant to contain labels. Adding a legend to your diagram to illustrate the meanings of certain symbols will help to portray them better.

  • Step 1: Open Microsoft Visio Account

    You will first need to open your Microsoft Visio account by logging in with your details. Either as desktop software or accessing it through the web are options for you as long as you are able to edit it. Proceed to open the file you would want to add a legend to or an example you want to use to follow along with the guide.

  • Step 2: Add in a Legend

    After opening the file you would want, you can then add a legend. Click the arrow next to “Insert Legend” on the “Data” tab’s “Display Data group.”

  • Step 3: Select Orientation

    You do have the option to select which direction the legend would run to depending on whether you want the legend to run horizontally or vertically, click “Horizontal” or “Vertical.” The legend displays the data bars, icons, and color values that are currently in use on the page. You can pick and eliminate unnecessary information. Other options to edit the legend include changing the wording or adding new shapes.

  • Step 4: Update Legends

    Legends are not automatically updated when you modify something in the diagram, you must enter a new legend to reflect the changes. To do so, transfer the customized legend to an empty space, then when you insert a new legend, you can select which version you want to keep. Delete the legend you don’t intend to use and move the updated legend to where you want to place it on the diagram.


Can you create a legend in Visio?

You have the option of whether to add a vertical or horizontal legend.

Where is the data tab in Visio?

Select “Task Panes” in the Show group on the “View” tab, and then click “Shape Data” as this toggles the appearance of the Shape Data task pane.

What is a subprocess in Visio used for?

A subprocess flowchart may be defined as the depiction of an activity that consists of a succession of tiny sections; that is, this activity can be represented by a process flowchart since it is inserted into a Process flow chart.

What is a diagram legend?

A legend is an element that you may add to your diagram to offer information about the colors, line thicknesses, and styles, specifically the colors and other styles that have a specific meaning.

What’s the difference between a key and a legend?

A caption, title, or brief explanation attached to an article, artwork, cartoon, or billboard is referred to as a legend while a key is a set of symbols that explain how they are used in a map, table, etc.