10+ Popular Blank Email Templates – HTML, PSD Files Download!

You need to send multiple emails to various people for personal and professional needs. Having some blank email templates with the requisite texture and signature information helps save effort and a lot of time. You could profitably download one of our sample blank email design templates PSD which would help you frame any kind of emails from invitations to schedules.

blank email templates

SimpleMail Blank Email Template

simplemail blank email template
Download this SimpleMail blank email template that works across all major browsers and email clients and features 10 color options, with 8 different layouts. This template also features 10 PSD files and 80 HTML files.

Charity Blank Email Template

charity blank email template
This A-emailer customizable PSD email template offers users a gorgeous email background, with a slick flat design and can be used for anything ranging from a newsletter to a marketing email campaign.

Excel Mail Blank Email Template

excel mail blank email template
Download this trendy blank email template that’s great for sending out newsletters and features creative border with vibrant colors to catch the attention of your readers.

Gmail Wireframe PSD Blank Email Template

gmail wireframe psd blank email template
Download this Excel Mail blank email template that allows you to create attractive backgrounds that cover the entire template, and even features a placeholder for a photo caption, adding to its beauty.

Classic Blank Email Templates

classic blank email templates

Clean Email Template

clean email template

Trendy Blank Email Template

trendy blank email template

Lost Password Blank Email PSD Template

simple blank email psd template

Countdown Launching Soon Email Template

countdown launching soon email template

Customisable PSD A-Email Template

customisable psd a email template

Why Use Our Blank Templates: Ease of Effort

These templates are customizable and can be used for a wide variety of mailing purposes. They have backgrounds which range from rich to professional and moreover they can be used from all electronic devices.

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