Acknowledgment Letters: Uses and Writing Tips


Generally, acknowledgment letters are subject to various considerations. The definitions that will be attached to them would depend on how they are applied, and the nature of such transaction. The fundamental uses and applications of an acknowledgment letter revolve around its feature being the bridge and link to significant transactions. It effectively communicates input and ascertains relevant achievements and milestones.

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Practical Steps in Writing an Acknowledgment Letter

It is evident that acknowledgment letters are more than just means of correspondence. They are documents that foster and enrich the relationship between parties may it be for a business proposal, job proposal, promotion of products, and more.

The basic and practical guidelines for writing an acknowledgment letter are as follows.

Make a detailed outline.

One way of effectively organizing and expressing your thoughts is through making an outline. It can help you save time and resources because you can set what specific considerations you need to prioritize.

Consider the type of acknowledgment letter you’re planning to write.

Acknowledgment letters come in various formats and are written for different purposes. Here are some examples of such types.

Acknowledgment Letter for Receiving a Report

As a standard operating procedure for most institutions, the receipt of pertinent documents must be accompanied by an acknowledgment letter. This is to ensure that the said document was received by the authorized personnel and was duly recorded.

Appraisal Acknowledgment Letter for Loan Transactions

These are mostly used by individuals who are applying for a loan. This document is received by a loan applicant for them to acknowledge the receipt of the appraisal report.

Acknowledgment Letter for Receipt of Resume

Nowadays, most human resource personnel write and send an acknowledgment letter to the job applicants as a manifestation and assurance that they have received the resume of the latter. In this type of letter, the company can convey their appreciation and gratitude for the interest showed by the applicants to join the former’s institution.

Payment Acknowledgment Letters

In every transaction, specifically, those that involve financial exchanges, a payment acknowledgment letter is fundamentally used. It serves as an evidence that payment has validly made and that the recipient fully acknowledges and certify the receipt of such.

These are some examples of categories of acknowledgment letters. There are indeed applied in most professions and industries.

Start drafting the letter.

After extensively preparing the outline and framework for your letter, you may now start drafting it. You may consider it as your initial draft, which is subject to modifications, changes, and revisions. To ensure the coherence of your letter, you can refer to your outline, which is a good avenue for you to build your content. It is also highly suggested that you divide you letter into different sections so that the recipient of the letter can conveniently understand its implications.

Use your company letterhead.

If you are writing the letter on behalf of an organization, company, or corporation, using your company letterhead is a must. This is done in order for the recipient to know that the letter was duly written by an authorized representative of such institution. The letterhead completes its official nature and characteristics.

Make it professional and engaging.

Bear in mind that this letter has formal and legal implications. You should choose words that are easy to understand. Avoid using informal language. Aside from the element of formality, you should also express your sincerity in expressing your appreciation and gratitude, especially when such elements must be present in a certain type of acknowledgment letter.

Make it concrete and straightforward.

As much as possible, the letter should be short and sweet. It should highlight important details that are needed to satisfy the legal and documentary requirements of such type of letter. Writing a verbose acknowledgment letter can be time-consuming and inconvenient on the part of the recipient. Put yourself in the recipient’s shoes in the course of writing the letter so that you’ll know what dos and don’ts to follow and observe.

Promptly write and send your acknowledgment letter.

According to research, it is highly suggested that acknowledgment letters be written within few days from the receipt of the source document. Unless there are just causes for delay, these letters must be written on a timely basis.

Proofread your letter.

Don’t hesitate to check the clarity, accuracy, and consistency of your letter. Here are some factors that you may need to check from time to time:

  • spelling,
  • sentence construction,
  • punctuation, and
  • grammar concerns.

These are some practical ways in writing an acknowledgment letter. You may add specific features depending on the type of acknowledgment letter you’re working on.

Format of Acknowledgment Letter

Another critical aspect that you need to take into account is the formatting aspect of the letter. Like any other formal letter, you need to follow the standard rules such as the following:


This section may include the names and updated contact details of both the recipient and the sender. Don’t forget to emphasize the date of issuance.

Body of the Letter

The type of information embedded here is the crux of the letter. To ensure that you cover the salient details, you can divide the body of the letter into three separate sections. For the first paragraph, you can discuss the details of the document, product, or service that needs to be acknowledged. For the second paragraph, this will include the formal statement of acknowledgment, the specific details of the subject matter of the letter, and other pertinent details.

Closing and Conclusion

For the concluding portion, you may give a brief summary of the salient points. This is also the perfect avenue for you to extend your gratitude and appreciation. If you have relevant enclosures, clearly provide them here.

Furthermore, your choice of font size and style is very important. Always prioritize the readability aspect of the letter rather than its style and design aspect. Hence, getting acquainted with the basics of a letter of acknowledgment is important for you to write and send a professional and comprehensive one.

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