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If your line of work involves dealing with letters and other documents, then you might see a need for letterhead templates to give you shortcuts for your work. While you might see such letterheads being used in businesses and schools, it is also possible for you to see letterheads being used in other professions such as the military.

Military personnel can also have a need for their own letterheads being that there would be a definite need to make their documents as official as possible. However, there would be some distinctions from other kinds of letterhead templates like personal letterhead templates. After all, army letterheads would have to convey an official sort of air. In that respect, you could liken these kinds of letterheads to company letterheads in that they can both convey a sense of professionalism to the documents you include them on.

Basic Army Letterhead Sample

cngo dema.az.gov

Army Letterhead Sample Template

press release 11 788x1019 media.defense.gov

Official Army Letterhead Template

dod dcmo.defense.gov

Army Letterhead Template Example

message to the force 11 788x1019 dmva.alaska.gov

Elements of Army Letterheads

Part of understanding these particular letterhead templates in Word is knowing what elements make them up. While there might be some similarities between army letterheads and other kinds of letterheads, there are some elements that army letterheads have that are all their own. In order to properly understand these tools, you would need to be aware of just what components make up any given army letterhead.

Official Logo

This is an element that you might have seen in some sample custom letterhead templates, particularly those for business letterheads. In the case of army letterheads, you would have to include an official logo in order to make clear that yours is a document that really should be associated with the proper authorities. After all, a logo can generally serve as a kind of shorthand to represent the entity sending the letter in the first place. The logo can also serve as an identifying mark to verify that the letter is completely legitimate. After all, the logo is meant to be associated with the army and the government, by extension, hence the need for the logo to be seen as a specific identifier.


Considering that these letterheads are meant for the use of the army, it would be necessary to include the particular branch in the letter. Like the other elements present in the letterhead, this should be a means of further streamlining the letterhead so that the recipient can more easily understand the significance of the letter. Besides this, which branch of the army is revealed to have sent the letter can be taken as a clue as to the letter’s subject. This can help impress on your recipient a sense of urgency so that they can give the letter their undivided attention. This can also make the document more easy to verify as your recipient may check with the proper authorities later to determine if the letter is legitimate.


As with sample business letterheads, your army letterheads should be sure to include the specific address of the sender. In this case, you should take care to state which base or center you are stationed at so that your recipient can have a clear idea of where you are based. This can be for the simple reason that you can provide your recipient with an address to send a reply to. Listing the address can also contribute to the letter’s veracity. Those in the know may be aware where your particular unit is stationed, which would make it easier to connect your letter with them if it should be necessary.

Contact Details

All professional letterheads do feature the sender’s contact information both for the purposes of professionalism and to facilitate contact with the recipient. After all, the letters you send are only one aspect of your communication, so if the recipient needs to get in contact with you, having the letterhead contain contact information can make it easier for them to do that. This measure can make it easier to facilitate communication with your recipient. This is in addition to the fact that it might be regarded as more professional to include contact information to make life more convenient for your recipient.

Sample Army Letterhead Template

ea 1606 dea appendixc 2011 energy.gov

Basic Army Letterhead Template

rgp41 waterboards.ca.gov

Free Army Letterhead Template Sample

class armywarcollege.edu

Official Army Letterhead Template for Memo

2020 international memo 11 788x1019 westpoint.edu

Department of the Army Letterhead Template

8130 legacy of poquoson approved jdletter 11 788x1019 deq.virginia.gov

Army Engineers’ Letterhead Template

water fws.gov

Functions of Army Letterheads

As with legal letterhead templates and other kinds of letterhead templates, there are some very good reasons why you might want to use army letterheads. After all, they are able to fulfill certain functions for you that should make them particularly useful for your purposes. While this is true of most any kind of letterhead, these can be particularly true of army letterheads.

Statement of Official Business

You can make the argument that army letterheads can be seen as a statement of official business from the beginning of reading a letter. Since a letterhead is at the top of a letter, it is likely that this is the first thing a recipient will see. This can be seen in the case of sample company letterheads as they can serve to indicate to their recipients that this particular document is official and therefore demands one’s full attention. This is more the case when you consider that an army letterhead would need to make clear that the letter is presumably concerned with official matters since the army has since become involved.

Lends Authority to the Letter

Another thing to consider is that the letterhead can definitely give a sense of authority to its respective letter. This can be likened to other sample letterhead designs which can make it easier to link a given document with the body that sent it out. An army letterhead would be particularly adept at this given that the argument can be made that the letterhead can reinforce the fact that the letter has the weight of the government’s authority behind it. Much like having the weight of a company behind a business letterhead, an army letterhead can be seen as a representation of the authority of a higher body, in this case the government.

Specifies Who Sent the Letter

All examples of free letterheads make it possible to specify who sent a given letter. This is particularly true of army letterheads as they can list the specific sector of the army connected to the letter, as well as the specific writer and sender. This is a necessary aspect of any letterhead, but army letterheads would likely want to be as specific as possible in order to make sure that the recipient knows exactly who the letter is from. This can make it easier for the recipient to make the letter a priority as they should be aware of who sent the letter. This can also make it possible for the sender to establish a connection with the recipient as the inclusion of a name can make it easier to actually address the recipient in the letter itself.

Serves to Verify the Sender

Since letterhead templates allow their users to provide all the necessary details for the benefit of the recipient, this makes it much easier for the recipient to verify the authenticity of the letter. This is especially relevant considering that military documents like yours would have to adhere very closely to protocol as part of the process of sending them. As such, it is important that army letterheads can make it easier to verify the legitimacy of anything written on the letters. Aside from simply conforming to protocol, this can also streamline any process related to making letters and documents. By making clear that the letters are authentic, this makes it much easier for recipients to respond to whatever is written in the letters in a timely manner.

Provides a Means of Contacting the Sender

One other advantage to making use of army letterheads is that the inclusion of a sender’s contact information makes it much easier for a recipient to send a reply or get in touch with the sender for any reason. This can even be seen in other examples of free letterheads as they would also allow whatever organization uses them to list their contact information for the convenience of recipients. This can apply to any return letters recipients may want to send back, or if recipients want to contact you via email or telephone. Either way, recipients can be given more opportunities to contact you if it becomes necessary, which can only be to your benefit.

Streamlines the Response

Since army letterheads can specify which sector and branch the documents come from, this should make it considerably easier for recipients to know exactly who is communicating with them. This also makes it considerably easier to formulate responses to that sample letterhead templates as you can specify who you are and imply what the letter is about. After all, the letterhead can provide some hints as to the nature of your letter, which should make it much easier to engage in communication with one another.

With this, you ought to have a much easier time making use of your army letterheads. After all, there is no reason to assume that these letterheads should be limited to the use of businesses, hence the need to know how to use them in other professions.

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