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How to Write a Christmas Bonus Letter

When the Christmas season comes, a majority of companies give their employees time off so that they can spend a few days with their families and loved ones. Doing so also gives employees a bit of rest before coming back to work. The Christmas season is also a time when companies typically give their employees bonuses for a job well done. You may also see Christmas letter templates.

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For this reason, employers have to write Christmas bonus letters and hand them out to employees to let them know that they are getting additional money for working so hard throughout the year. This article is going to focus on how you can write this type of letter.

What should be a Christmas bonus letter?

You must make sure that the following components are in your Christmas bonus letter:

  • Date when you wrote the letter
  • The complete name of the recipient
  • The employee’s address
  • The state/province where he or she resides
  • The zip/postal code
  • The purpose of the letter
  • A statement of thanks for the hard work that the employee has put in
  • Statement for extending¬†best wishes to the employee’s family
  • The sender’s complete name
  • Your job title
  • Your phone number
  • Your company email

This is the kind of letter that you should hand out personally and not something that you simply send to the employee’s email. Just remember that this is like an appreciation letter, but not only do you give thanks to the employee, you also provide the employee with extra funds that he or she can use for personal reasons.

How should you write the letter?

While this style follows the business letter format, this kind of letter does not have to be too serious. You are expressing gratitude to the employee by handing out a nice salary bonus for all her hard work. So, what you should do is:

  • Express proper gratitude. You want to make this as genuine as possible, so make sure that you include a sample statement where you thank the employee for her continued dedication throughout the entire working year, as well as for the entire time the employee has been working for the company
  • Extend the best wishes to the employee’s family. You want the employee to know that you want her to have a Happy Christmas, so express good wishes for the employee’s family as well.

Once you have taken care of those two things, here is the list of things that you should not do:

  • Do not mention the amount of the salary bonus in the letter. This is something that should be shown on the employee’s payroll and not in this letter. Others might get to read the letter and see this piece of confidential information.
  • Do not make it about anything other than the employee’s Christmas bonus. The point of this letter is to tell the employee that she is receiving the bonus and to thank the employee for her work for the company. So, do not mention any work-related issues or problems in your simple letter.

Employees always look forward to their Christmas bonuses, so make sure that theirs is a special Christmas by including a well-written letter along with the bonus.

If you would like to read about other topics, like how to make a Christmas card, then check out our other Christmas-themed articles.

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