Bonuses, without a doubt, can make someone happy. There's just something wonderful about receiving a reward after your hard work. So, if you would like to give bonuses or ask for them, you're in the right place. Choose one from this abundance of Bonus Letter Templates! These professionally written letters will do the job for you. All you need to do is to customize the letter the way you want, and you're done! These templates are easy to edit and print, too. You will save time when you use a template. What are you waiting for? Download now!

How to Make a Bonus Letter?

A bonus letter is a simple letter that states or informs employees or someone that he or she may receive a bonus. You can also use this to request from your boss the bonus you deserve.

A Psychology Today article said that rewards motivate people to get rewards. Although scholars would suggest that the people are not after the work they're going to do, but they're after the reward out from it, but you can't deny that it provides incredible results. So, if you want to boost the morale of your employees with some fantastic bonuses, inform them through bonus letters. Need to create now? Don't worry and check out the steps below.

1. Use a Positive Tone

Since you're telling some good news to your employee, you might as well season it with some positive vibes. Your employee would appreciate how glad you are to give a bonus or award. But this doesn't mean you'll be casual. Make sure that you raise a formal tone in your formal letter, but with some vibrant vibes.

2. State the Details of the Bonus

Leave a smile on the employee's face by telling him or her what kind of bonus he or she would get. Is it a Christmas bonus, salary increase, or others? The person would love to know the significant details about the bonus. You may write the confidential amount, the date of when the person can get it, or say that you attached other documents.

3. Explain Why the Employee Deserves the Bonus

Want to lift the recipient's spirit high? Then, show your appreciation by listing the good qualities that you observed from him or her. Explain why he or she deserves the bonus on the printable letter. In writing, honesty is still the best choice. Don't include the ones that don't describe him or her.

4. Motivate the Employee

The bonus may sound to be the best motivator. But, as you know, your words can also motivate the person. Before you end your business letter, make sure that you add some wonderful motivations to keep the employee doing his or her best. Don't forget to say, "Thank you!"

5. Add Contact Details

Although you may think you may have written all the vital detail possible, but remember that your employee may still have some inquiries. So, write in the sample letter how the person can reach you. You can leave your contact number or email address.

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