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How to Write a Termination Notice

As the name implies, a termination notice is a written notification informing employees of the termination of their employment. In effect, this is the document you need if you ever need to fire your employees. There are even sample termination letters that you can use to help with writing these notices.

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There are some things to keep in mind when taking steps to make these notices. For example, it might be wise to keep letter templates so that you can confirm employment termination more easily. There are always some things to consider when writing such a notice, being that termination is such a definitive action.


What Information is Included?

As with other letters, there are some things that you need to include in whatever free termination letters you use as frameworks, such as:

  • Confirmation of termination, so as to confirm that the employment has been terminated, particularly if there was a meeting discussing it earlier.
  • Reason for termination, so as to list specific conduct on the employee’s part that merits their termination.
  • Final payment, which lists all the payments that the employee is entitled to, as well as any details regarding receiving them.
  • Unemployment benefits, which would be needed to list whatever additional benefits employees are entitled to receive.

Framework of Termination Notice

Like with other kinds of official documents, there is a specific format for writing these notices, which you might see in termination letter examples.

  • The first section should be your name, contact information, address, etc.
  • Next should be the current date.
  • The next section is the recipient’s personal information.
  • You can include a subject to introduce the thesis of the notice.
  • When beginning the body, include a polite salutation.
  • For the body, being with an introduction, then list the reasons, followed by instructions concerning company property, and provide details for compensation and benefits.
  • Close the letter, and end with your name and signature.


Tips for Writing a Termination Notice

In order to make the task of writing such notices more easy, there are some tips that you can use to help you with the writing process. While aids like termination letters in Doc can go some way to making the job easier, it would be wise to be aware of the steps yourself.

  • Refer to the terms of employment when making your sample termination letters. This can help you determine if you have grounds to terminate the employment in the first place, as well as help you figure out what employees are entitled to even after termination.
  • Be specific. If you are going to refer to previous misconduct, then cite specific instances, if possible. If you have written records, so much the better.
  • Use polite language. It is always important that you be polite in such documents so as not to burn bridges unnecessarily, and make your situation worse in the future.
  • Include details of full benefits. This way, you can provide employees with a list of what they are entitled to, and avoid getting in trouble for failing to inform them of such.

With these, you should have some more of the tools you would need in order to write your termination notices effectively, and avoid unnecessary complications.

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