How to Make a Professional Letterhead


Different businesses in varied industries are very particular with using letterheads in any means of correspondence. Letterheads are not solely used to add design to an overall structure of a business letter as it is also used to represent a company or an organization’s credibility and potential. Every letterhead is designed to deliver something unique and sensible about what a company has to offer.

Communication in a corporate setting makes the use of letterheads essential in daily operations. It is for this reason that a customized letterhead is always a perfect suggestion to portray professionalism to anyone who encounters a circulating letter within offices and departments. Using letterheads in writing business letters is the simplest preferred way to get your company an identification and a noticeable representation.

Importance of Using Letterheads

Making a name for one’s self is just like using a specifically designed letterhead for a certain company. A letterhead is set to embody an identity and as much as it should be uniquely designed, it should also make it to a cut of professional appearance. A business letterhead is used for a lot of purposes and while different companies make use of it for their own relevant reasons, letterheads are mainly given importance according to these general factors:


Businesses that need letterheads for correspondence can be large scale or small scale. Utilizing a small business letterhead is still possible to promote a certain brand. The same thing becomes significant with all other businesses regardless of how much it is set to deliver. Letterheads should simply spearhead branding and initiate possible interests with what a certain company could showcase. Relaying a brand message is reliant on how persuasive your letterhead is since it carries the major features that stir up curiosity to draw attention from your target market and business partners.

Positive Impression

Any letterhead that is neatly and professionally presented generates a positive impression. Aside from its importance founded on corporate concerns, physical and primary appearance of business letters is also relevant in the overall impact of a letter. A unique letterhead design should say a lot about a company and that in itself is a manifestation of a bigger essence in considering the utmost importance of using letterheads. It could be a company logo, symbol, or background that could constitute noticeable company letterheads and modifications of which are key to making a lot of purpose out of the intent to write letters with letterheads.

Direct Sales Tool

Letterheads do not only give your business letters an edge, it also becomes a direct sales tool to advertise your business as a whole. What usually comprise an effective letterhead are elements that could be initially understood to promote a product or service for a particular business. When letterheads are convincing and inviting to its readers, it becomes an effective communication tool that holds a corporate image to increase company or business popularity. In the long run, letterheads are effortlessly recognized to brand a competent business represented in each letter. A featured stationery in every company must at least have a letterhead that directly makes it recognizable to its readers.

Legal Identity

To become a personality in a chosen industry means to hold a legal identity. The same analogy is applicable with companies which are all entitled a legal identity reflected in their own letterheads respectively. Since a lot of letters are to be used for official correspondence and documentation, letterheads are significant identifiers for legal purposes. Different legal contracts may also include letterheads to identify contracting parties. Consider the fact that letterheads communicate company credentials even with the minimal details and information it could provide. Overall branding is carried out to imply that it entirely forms part of a recognized and validated legal identity.

Visual Representation

The most common means of getting attention is by giving visual representations. Letterheads could be perfectly considered as such and be as effective as expected. Communicating through company logos, symbols, or even company slogans is persuasively powerful. Whether or not these are not literal representations, it tends to have an impact on anyone who is bound to read a letter with a letterhead. A specific design for every letterhead aims to be attractive at first glance and true enough, visual representations in the form of letterheads could also make a mark.

Every factor is a significance in itself. In spite varied use of letterheads, it aims at commonly structured endeavors which are to promote, get noticed, and leave a mark of importance to prospective clients and business partners.

How to Make a Professional Letterhead

Every company or organization is very particular with their own unique formulation of a letterhead. This vision may yield similar letterhead design results, however, there can be no identical letterhead as every element varies upon the factors of creating one.

Here are general steps on how to create a professional letterhead depending on what a company envisions to make noticeable letterheads.

Design Draft

It is essential in every process to start with a draft and envision targeted results. You could sketch a letterhead layout and filter the pertinent details that you think might be useful to include. You may want to try out unique layouts that could fit all the information together and make a noticeable letterhead output.

Observe these elements below to be included in your design draft:

  • Company Logo 
  • Company Name
  • Company Address
  • Voice and Fax Numbers
  • Company Tag Line or Slogan
  • Web Address
  • Email Address
  • Professional License Numbers
  • Memberships
  • Established Date

Output Modifications

As previously advised, it would be easy to finalize a letterhead output if you’ve done your design draft right. To polish your output, you could add visual elements that could be possibly contained in an efficient letterhead. Modifications are primarily dependent on company standards and to anyone tasked to design a letterhead, modifications could also include the overall design and formatting. In terms of adding a company logo to a letterhead, it is advised to observe proper use of graphics. Distorted images could give a negative impression and at the same time lessen the quality of what a certain company can deliver as a whole. Letterheads may also include simple and minimal details of promotion for products and services offered.

Letterhead Format

There is no exact and fixed format for a letterhead for as long as it covers all the elements needed to deliver in order to promote or advertise. This is the reason why customized letterheads are preferred. Format your letterhead at your own preference and according to standards. Commonly, letterheads are used as headers in every document. At some instances, letterheads can also be formatted at the bottom most part of every document depending on the convenience and readability of a letter.

The main and basic standard in creating letterheads is the observance of formality. Regardless of how a letterhead is formatted, its professional appearance adds up to the overall credibility in terms of representation.

Final Printout

Printing your final documents with letterheads is pretty simple. What has been drafted and modified should yield an identical hard copy. While most finalized soft copies are print ready, our templates are also easy to print and download to help you avoid additional work when it comes to printing the documents in its ideal content and format.

The above guidelines somehow serve as reminders on how you basically go about drafting and printing letterheads on your own. How you pattern and follow through everything is evident in your final output. Consistency suggests a smooth flow of creating and producing documents with letterheads.

Writing with Quality Letterheads

It is not enough that companies and organizations use letterheads to fill up the headers and footers of their letters. Creating quality letterheads reflects credible writing of company letters as well. Therefore it is important that overall content and format go along to reach standards and communicate efficiently.

While letterheads are not meant to do the entire promotion and advertising for a company, it helps and pays to create efficient letterheads to serve a better purpose. One can always take note that anyone who reads a letter of correspondence is greeted with a letterhead first. The first impression lies on how efficient a letterhead is made. This could also be an indication for a reader to proceed with the letter or not. When letterheads are not as convincing as they are expected to be, reader interest is diverted and in most cases lessened.

Sample Letterhead Templates

Career Letterhead Template

carrier letterhead template page 0011 788x1020

Professional Letterhead Template

professional letterhead template page 0011 788x1020

Personal Letterhead Template

personal letterhead template page 001 788x1115

Church Letterhead Template

church letterhead template page 001 788x1020

Hotel Offer Letterhead Template

hotel offer letter format page 001 788x1115

Law Office Letterhead Template

law office letterhead template page 001 788x1115

Discount Offer Letterhead Sample

discount offer letter sample page 001 788x1020

Dental Office Letterhead Template

dental office letterhead template page 001 788x1020


Medical Office Letterhead Template

medical office letterhead template page 001 788x1020


Office Company Letterhead Template

office company letterhead template page 001 788x1115

Service Dog Letterhead Sample

service dog letter pdf free download page 001 788x1020

Wrap Up

One way to maintain effective communications is to provide for ideal and efficient communication tools. You’ve read through the ideas and suggestions we have for making letterheads and our pre-made templates will give you the hint on how to come up with perfect visual representations such as letterheads.

Browse through and collection and know more about we promote on this page. We have a great selection of print ready letterhead templates that could help you get started on how to effectively communicate, promote, and endorse all in one piece of circulating document. Impression and approval may not be solely dependent on the letterhead alone as the content is still another factor to look into but well-formatted letterheads have always been observed to stand out and that’s why we encourage you to download one from out collection.

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