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Tips for Writing a Short Notice Resignation Letter Examples

The right way to quit a job is to write a formal resignation letter. While you need to hand in the letter personally, there are inevitable times when you just have to send it through email. However, you have to be as professional as possible. Resignation email message tips can make writing a resignation letter easy for you.

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If in any case, you are to handle your resignation letter with immediate effect, it may conflict with the company’s policy. Once you have decided to resign immediately from your post, you need to provide your employer with valid reasons. One of the most common reasons for immediate resignation is health issues. Other reasons may be family emergencies or relocation. Email Resignation Letter Templates can help you in writing the resignation letter.

Tips for Writing a Short-Notice Resignation Letter

If you are planning for an immediate resignation, it is crucial to that you do your best to provide a satisfactory explanation in your resignation letter, especially if your company has a strict policy on resignation notice period. So how can you convince your employer to grant you immediate release from the company?

  • When you need to write down your own resignation, looking at Resignation Letter Templates can help you use the right words to say, if absolutely necessary.
  • With every reason, make sure to provide details in a concise manner as possible.
  • And since short notice resignation can be hard for a company, make sure to include in your letter your willingness to help during the transition process
  • It is highly important to maintain professionalism all throughout the letter.
  • If your reason for leaving is because of a conflict, refrain from bad-mouthing someone in the company and keep the letter neutral.

Short Email Resignation Letter Tips

Whether you are resigning from the position on good terms or not, it is a protocol to submit a resignation letter to your employer. If for some reasons you cannot personally hand in your resignation, you can always use the email to inform your employer about your notice. Here are the tips to keep in mind when writing a short email resignation letter.

  • Before you write a resignation notice letter, you should decide on the date of your last day in work. Make sure that it is in accordance with the required notice period in the company policy.
  • Be sure to follow the business letter format. It should have a header with the date, name, and address of the employer and your details as well.
  • You can give your reasons for leaving your job, but do not go into detail. Your reasons should be short and direct.
  • Give compliments to the company such as the new skills you have acquired, the friendships formed, and always show your gratitude.

When selecting a template to follow, make sure that it can help you specify the points on why you have given a short notice prior to your resignation. The usage of these templates can ensure you that you have a document that took reference from existing short notice resignation letters made by professionals.

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