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How do you make sure that your dining establishment’s menu designs stand out? This is one of the key questions that all business owners must answer if they want to guarantee a return on their investments from their respective restaurants, bars, cafes, or food carts.

The solution may be the creative transformation of printable blank menu templates. Nevertheless, the effective use of blank menu card designs will not be truly feasible if it is not paired with the implementation of different sustainable marketing strategies. So how do you really design menu cards to make sure that they capture your customers’ attention? Read on to find out how.

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Blank Menu Template

blank menu template1
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Blank Restaurant Menu Template

blank restaurant menu template2
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Tips for creating standout menu cards

  • Go crazy with the design. As with any design project, creativity is the key to making heads turn. This especially applies to creating menu cards since you need to have a menu that customers want to look at before they eat at your restaurant. Business owners should give their design team or sole graphic designer the freedom to create the most outrageous design concepts that they could think of. You do not need to approve of the menu design right away but giving your designer creative freedom can help begin the process of creating something truly original for your restaurant.

Choose a good menu layout template. Most sample blank menu templates will only feature a unifying background image and placeholders for specific menu items. So if you want to create standout party menu templates, make sure to choose a good layout format. There are different menu layout templates for different kinds of menu cards. For example, if you own a wine bar, you would most likely follow a layout template featuring menu items in columns to make the list appear more organized. On the other hand, you may need to follow a newspaper layout template if you wish to create a booklet type of menu card. Always remember that a well-crafted menu card design’s layout will help direct customers’ attention toward key items on the menu card itself.

  • Incorporate branding elements. Another way that can help a menu card design standout is by incorporating your company’s branding designs into the card design. Even if you only own a single brick-and-mortar restaurant, it will help if your restaurant logo is conspicuously plastered on the menu card design as well. Doing this lends credence to your dining establishment and it also helps in making your restaurant easily recognizable within your target market’s community. Take a hint from famous fast food chains like McDonald’s and KFC. They routinely plaster their company logos on all of their restaurant’s merchandise. Another aspect of incorporating branding elements is used in naming dishes or meals that your restaurant offers. These meal names should be catchy, pleasing to the ears, and connected to your restaurant name. For example, little things like naming your flagship fried chicken dish to match your restaurant name will do wonders in terms of branding and customer recognizability.

Chalkboard Blank Menu Template

chalkboard blank menu template
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Take high-quality pictures. Investing in high-quality photos of all or the few key meals and dishes that your dining establishment offers is very important. Food photos that are staged well under good lighting often do wonders in whetting customer’s appetites and making them order the dishes. Good images also help raise the standards that your restaurant operates in. When customers see these photos on well-produced menu cards, they may rethink their original impression of your restaurant. Often, solely changing up a restaurant’s menu cards can help overhaul a restaurant’s image.

  • Use pictures and descriptions liberally. If there is only one thing that you can take away from this article, it may as well be using pictures and menu descriptions liberally. This is because most customers are attracted to food that is described and photographed well. They want to see what they are going to eat before they can decide on ordering it. Organizing your menu templates like this will give new customers a good first impression of your restaurant and may even lead to making loyal customers out of them. Check out this article for more tips on writing great menu descriptions.
  • Create a good cover design. Have you ever heard of the saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”? As restaurateurs, you should be wary of that quote. In fact, it may be best to forget it altogether. Why? Because if you want your menu cards to stand out, you need to choose a good menu cover design for your menu booklets. Usually, this type of menu card format is used by fine dining restaurants and aptly so, since these kinds of dining establishments cater to the high-end crowd. You need to choose a cover design that is memorable, presentable, and matches your restaurant’s image.
  • Use high-quality premium paper or card stock. The kind of paper you use for printing your menu templates is an important aspect that you should not overlook. Menu cards tend to have a shorter lifespan if they are constructed from flimsy paper. That is why it is recommended to use card stock since they are thicker. A good way to make sure that your menu cards last is to laminate each page. Be careful though since some lamination techniques will make the menu cards look like a photo album. Ask your local print shop for other printing and lamination options for your menu cards if you wish to get glossy menu pages.

Below are 30 examples of blank menu templates that anyone may use as inspirations for their own menu card designs. Some of the menu templates listed here are available for free while others are available for a set price.

Abstract Blank Menu Template

abstract blank menu template

If you want your restaurant to exude a professional appeal, try out the Abstract Blank Menu Template embedded above. As with any blank menu template, this is easy to transform into your own menu card design since all the text and image placeholders are already created. The template will allow you to make changes to the text placeholders so that you may input the new and correct food items that you wish to add to the menu together with their corresponding prices.

Blank Menu and Beer Template

blank menu and beer template

Blank Wine List Menu Template

blank wine list menu template

Those who operate a wine bar either as a standalone establishment or as part of a restaurant may find this Blank Wine List Menu Template useful. Using this type of wine menu template will help organize their own wine stores and also allow customers to choose a specific wine that they may want to try out.

Blank Wine Menu Template

blank wine menu template

Blurred Background Blank Menu Template

blurred background blank menu template

The Blurred Background Blank Menu Template is another cafe menu template that cafe owners may use. This blank menu template is available in different color variations so you may choose one that will best match your cafe’s color theme. To recreate this menu template, do not forget to add your own cafe’s logo design.

Booklet Blank Menu Template

booklet blank menu template

The Booklet Blank Menu Template is another simple blank menu template that may best be used as a starter menu template kit. As a menu template base, you can make any changes to it and even transform it into something more.

Burger-themed Blank Menu Template

burger themed blank menu template

Cafe Blank Menu Template

cafe blank menu template

For those who want a fun and lively-looking menu template, the Cafe Blank Menu Template may be the one for you. Cafes mostly cater to the young and trendy market so this cafe menu template will work well for your business. Pair this menu card design with matching colorful cafe furniture and decor and your cafe will certainly be a hit with millennials in your area.

Chalkboard Blank Menu Template

chalkboard blank menu template

Classic Restaurant Blank Menu Template

classic restaurant blank menu template

Choose the Classic Restaurant Blank Menu Template if you want a brochure-type menu card design while still retaining the traditional properties of a menu card. As a blank menu template, all the image and text placeholders are already placed on the card template. All you have to do is replace the mock text with the real thing and you will be ready to print them out.

Coffee Time Blank Menu Template

coffee time blank menu template

Elegant Blank Menu Template

elegant blank menu template

The Elegant Blank Menu Template pictured above may work well for those who want their dining establishment to seem a little formal. The delicate curlicues on the menu design background will go well with a restaurant that caters to families and groups of friends looking to have an enjoyable meal.

Fish Restaurant Blank Menu Template

fish restaurant blank menu template

Floral Wedding Blank Menu Template

floral wedding blank menu template

The Floral Wedding Blank Menu Template is another chalkboard menu template design. It is perfect for wedding reception dinners but may also be used for different formal event dinners. This menu template is fully customizable. You may even change up the floral elements if you wish to give it an added edge. When printing out the template, you may have to use thick card stock to make sure that menu cards resemble a real chalkboard.

Food Festival Flyer Blank Menu Template

food festival flyer blank menu template

Fork and Knife Blank Menu Template

fork and knife blank menu template

This Fork and Knife Blank Menu Template is perfect for menu templates that will be printed as a banner or as a tarpaulin design. Note that menu templates may also be used as print media marketing tools. They are not limited to customer perusal during an in-store ordering process.

Free Blank Event Menu Template

free blank event menu template

Free Blank Rustic Menu Template

free blank rustic menu template

For those want to go for simple yet classy-looking menu card designs, try out this Free Blank Rustic Menu Template. As its name implies, this menu template is available for free. This means that you can do anything with it in terms of design modifications. Retaining the original rustic color scheme may also make it suitable for a local bistro or pub menu template.

Free Blank School Menu Templates

free blank school menu templates

Hawaiian Luau Blank Food Menu Template

hawaiian luau blank food menu template

Planning for your kid’s birthday party? Why not use this Hawaiian Luau Blank Food Menu Template as the party’s menu template design inspiration? With this blank menu template, you can write any party items. During the party, you may even  make a game out of it by asking party attendees to write the foot items on the menu card. Now, doesn’t that just help you save time and effort?

Kraft Table Blank Menu Template

kraft table blank menu template

Modern Restaurant Blank Menu Template

modern restaurant blank menu template

For those who want a bi-fold menu card, try out the Modern Restaurant Blank Menu Template featured above. This blank menu template sports a modern look combined with flat food icons. This menu card design will work well with fast food restaurants and places offering takeaway food service.

Parchment Blank Wine Menu Template

parchment blank wine menu template

Select the Parchment Blank Wine Menu Template if you want a wine menu design that is colorful without appearing too gaudy. You may edit this menu template to add or remove any design element. The parchment design also helps give this wine menu template a classic and elegant feel. If you wish to recreate this menu template, it may be best to use thick card stock or other premium papers that already have parchment patterns printed on them.

Printable Chalkboard Blank Menu Template

printable chalkboard blank menu template

It looks like the trend of using chalkboard designs in any card template project is not going away anytime soon. In fact, more innovations to the design are being churned out by creatives every year. An example is the Printable Chalkboard Blank Menu Template embedded above. As a blank menu template, you are free to add any menu items on the template before printing them out. To make a standout menu card out of this template, it may be best to use a chalkboard font style as well.

Restaurant Placemat Blank Menu Template

restaurant placemat blank menu template

Retro Style Blank Menu Template

retro style blank menu template

This Retro Style Blank Menu Template may not be on the fancy side but it can be used for a variety of events. To top that, it is also easy to recreate using simple word processors like Microsoft Word. This template will suit those who are planning themed dinner parties for small children and young teens.

Rustic Blank Menu Template

rustic blank menu template

Summer Cafe Blank Menu Template

summer cafe blank menu template

If you are operating a chic cafe in town, revamp your old menu cards and replace them using this Summer Cafe Blank Menu Template. This menu template’s color scheme of light browns and grey will seamlessly fit the typical cafe atmosphere. But if you wish to follow a different color scheme, you may certainly do so.

Vertical Blank Menu InDesign Template

vertical blank menu indesign template

Vintage Blank Wedding Menu Template

vintage blank wedding menu template

Wedding reception dinners will not be complete without menu cards. A good sample menu card template to use for that is the Vintage Blank Wedding Menu Template pictured above. This menu template will suit those who are planning a wedding reception with vintage and floral themes.

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