According to a recent restaurant and management statistics, 31% of restaurant owners and/or managers update their menu on a monthly basis and some 24% do it seasonally. To apply these updates and changes easily and effectively, you need to have a reliable tool to stand out from the rest of the competitions. Subscribe to our premium plan and download one of our professionally designed blank menu templates with menu design and menu layout that is 100% customizable and easily editable that will surely match your desired theme and format. Perfect for any menu concepts and ideas in making a Christmas and/or Birthday Party Menu, Weekly Menu, Breakfast and Dinner Menu, Cafe Menu, Bar Menu, Wedding Menu and more. File formats available in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, MS WordPublisher, and Apple Pages.

What is a Blank Menu?

A menu is a list of food and beverages served by food establishments such as fast-food chains, restaurants, and the like. The contents are mostly based on consumer demands and are designed to achieve the organization's goals and objectives. It brings a consistent flow to your products, revenues, and customer relationship.

How to Create a Blank Menu

You can certainly look for available free printable menu templates and/or free menu maker or menu creator and skip all the hassles of creating an effective menu from scratch. There are several menu templates, menu designs, and ideas that will help boost your creativity in crafting your own menu. If you haven't tried making a menu, here are a few pointers that you can follow to craft one.

1. Round-Up the Contents

Determining the basic elements of your menu is easier when you already know the important components of your chosen business. If you still don't have the final copy of the products or services that you will be including to the menu, you can still make a menu mockup and edit it whenever you receive the final lists of the items/services.

2. Choose a Fitting Theme for the Menu

How important is a menu's design? As it turns out, very. In selecting the perfect design theme for your menu, you need to consider the basic information and details that you are adding to its contents. Considering the branding and concept of your business will give you ideas on how to deliver an interesting and compelling menu that will attract guests and/or potential customers. If your business revolves around cocktails and alcoholic beverages, you can apply a classic but groovy bar detailed theme to your menu.

3. Use an Appealing Menu Template

Look for an appropriate sample menu template and template design that will give life to your desired menu. You can either use an online menu maker or menu creator to craft your business menu. There are several websites that offer a pre-formatted menu mockup and menu templates including but not limited to a birthday party menu, dinner menu, breakfast menu, cafe menu, drink menu and more that you can easily alter according to your preference.

4. Add the Necessary Details to the Content

Start working on your chosen menu template and add all the essential information and details according to your preferred format. If you are working on a wedding menu, you can match the wedding's color motif (e.g, slate gray and pink, red and gold, etc.) to the menu itself to correlate it to the event. To apply a distinct and personal touch to your menu, don't forget to attach your business' name and/or logo and place it at the center top portion of the menu.

5. Apply Finishing Touches and Print It

After you are done customizing and adding the needed information to your menu, reassess the final menu layout. Check and correct some formatting and grammatical errors and enhance some of the details if deemed necessary. If all is set and done, save the draft and visit the nearest printery to have it printed. For your menu printing, always use premium quality paper or cardstocks to give a glossy finish to your menu.

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