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Party menus are used to provide information about the food selection available during an event. There are different types of menus as well which are used in restaurants and other food establishments. However, this article will focus on the former type of menu. Party menus are very common in events as they are truly needed in celebrations so that the guests will have an idea of the food items that they can consume in a specific event even without going or looking at the food service table. It also allows them to know the options where they may choose their food from, or if they actually have available options at all.

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Party menu play a vital role in organizing an event’s food service procedures and processes especially if there are a lot of guests that are needed to be served. Moreover, there are various kinds of party menus as well depending on the nature of the best party where it will be used and the food items that are available for service. It is very essential to use a party menu especially if the host or the organizer of the event wants the entirety of the food catering and service to smoothly flow as the event goes. For you to be guided in creating and designing a more specific menu used in a particular celebration, you may download our samples of Birthday Party Menu and Wedding Party Menu templates.

Blank Menu Template

blank menu template1
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Chalkboard Blank Menu Template

chalkboard blank menu template
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Blank Dinner Party Menu

Printable Dinner Party Menu

printable dinner party menuDownload

Elegant Dinner Party Menu

elegant dinner party menu1Download

Printable Tea Party Menu

printable tea party menu1Download

Free Printable Party Menu

free printable party menuDownload

Free Blank Party Menu

Free Dinner Party Menu

free dinner party menu1Download

Free Birthday Party Menu

free birthday party menuDownload

Free Party Drink Menu

free party drink menu1Download

Inclusions of a Party Menu

A basic food menu used in parties includes the following information:

  • The party where the menu will be used. It is very important for the kind of party that will occur to be identified. This is for the following reasons:
    • It will allow the host and/or organizer of the party to select the food items that they will put in the menu depending on the mood of the party and the activities and programs that will be executed during the event.
    • The kind of party to be hosted will dictate the kind of food that is needed to be served.
    • The party should be aligned with the food items that will be served during the program proper so that all the details of the party will be coherent and appropriate.
  • The food items that may be served. It is essential for the food items to have the following characteristics:
    • The grouping of the food items should be properly stated and arranged so that the guests will know which of they is appropriate for their taste palette.
    • Food items that will be served during the party should be able to cater the number of guests that will attend the party.
    • The food selection should be suitable with the party’s nature and the kind of service that will be done. It may also depend on the location of the party and where the food will be served.
  • The description of the available food items. A party menu should have the description of the food items available for selection which can be any of the following:
    • It can include a list of all the ingredients used to create the specific food item.
    • It can list just the main ingredients used in the food items.
    • It can also write down the allergens that are included in the creation of the food in the party menu.
    • It can specifically identify the course where the food item is included.
  • The service type that will be implemented in the event. It is very important for a food menu used in a party to identify the food service that will be implemented in the party. It is deemed to be essential for the following reasons:
    • It will allow the guests of the party to know if they can have an unlimited supply of food during the party or they just need to select a specific course.
    • It will list the possible options that the guests may select from.
    • It helps in assuring that the guests are aware of the food service that they can expect from the event.

    Aside from our samples and templates of party menus, you may also download our samples of Wedding Menu Card Templates.

    Blank Pool Party Menu

    BBQ Pool Party Menu

    bbq pool party menu2Download

    Chalkboard Party Menu

    Printable Chalkboard Party Menu

    printable chalkboard party menu1Download

    Sample Chalkboard Party Menu

    sample chalkboard party menu1Download

    Blank Cocktail Party Menu

    Holiday Cocktail Party Menu

    holiday cocktail party menuDownload

    Cocktail Drink Party Menu

    cocktail drink party menu4Download

    Kinds of Party Menu Depending on the Type of Food Service

    Since we have already discussed that it is important for a party menu to include the type of food service that will be followed during the occasion, here’s a list of the different kinds of food service that may affect the entire structure and layout of a party menu:

    • Open buffet
    • Controlled buffet
    • Plated service
    • Course meal

    Menu Variations Depending on the Time of Meal Service

    The party menu that will be used in a specific event may also vary on the time that the food items will be served. Here are a few samples of party menus that are used in specific time frames during a day:

    • Breakfast Party Menus are usually characterized by the following:
      • It can be a breakfast buffet menu where a specific type of breakfast food options will be served. It can be continental, vegan, american, Indian or English.
      • Breakfast party menus can also be a selection of plated options which usually includes breakfast staples like hash browns, eggs, bacon, and ham.
      • Breakfast parties can either be filled with breads or rice menus.
    • Noon Break Party Menus usually have the following inclusions:
      • Pastries
      • Light snacks like eclairs, salads and donuts
      • Tea and other beverages that are soothing and suitable for relaxation
    • Lunch Menu Party Menus are the heaviest among the menu types as it is served in the middle of the day where people need to consume more food either because of the following reasons:
      • They are tired from the activities during the morning which is why they need to load up on carbohydrates.
      • They are prepping up for the events that will occur during the late afternoon or at night.

    We can give you more downloadable samples of Lunch Party Menu Templates in the link provided.

    • Dinner Menu Party Menus usually consist of the following items:
      • Wine selections
      • Cheese, nuts, and cold cuts
      • Light full meals appropriate for dinner
      • Pasta options

    More samples and templates of Dinner Party Menus can be downloaded in the provided link.

    • Late Night Party Menus are the easiest to create as they mostly consist of finger foods and junk foods and drinks which may include any of the following:
      • Sodas
      • Popcorn
      • Chips and dips
      • Snacks
      • Pizza

    The next time that you will prepare or plan for a party that you will host, assure that you are aware of the menu selections that you may choose from depending on the time of execution of your party. This will surely help you to create a party menu that will be appropriate for the occasion that will happen. However, also feel free to change the items in each menu especially if you think that it is not suitable for the kind of party or the theme of the event that you will organize.

    Blank Party Menu Cards

    Tea Party Menu Card

    tea party menu card2Download

    Blank Tea Party Menu

    Bridal Shower Tea Party Menu

    bridal shower tea party menu2Download

    Tea Party Food Menu

    tea party food menu1Download

    Sample Blank Party Menu

    Sample Dinner Party Menu

    sample dinner party menu1Download

    Sample Cocktail Party Menu

    sample cocktail party menuDownload

    Sample Party Menu Card

    sample party menu cardDownload

    Party Menu Creation Depending on the Celebration

    The design of the party menu, and possibly the menu inclusions, may be themed accordingly depending on the celebration where the party menu will be used. A few of the party menus used for specific events and how they are designed are as follows:

    • Halloween Party Menus usually make use of creepy designs and scary elements as backgrounds or borders of the menu template.
    • Business Party Menus are designed with sleek and formal looking design items and materials to maintain the professional ambiance of the party.
    • Birthday Party Menus use colorful design items and symbols of joy and happiness like smileys, confetti, and balloons.
    • Valentines Party Menu plays with the use of the colors red and white to symbolize love, purity, and passion.
    • Holiday Party Menus are themed depending on the holiday being celebrated like Christmas and Independence Day.
    • Pool Party Menus are commonly designed depending on the theme of the pool party and the age range of people who are invited in the specific celebration.

    Design Ideas In Creating a Party Menu

    If you want to create a party menu that is both functional and visually appealing, you can make use of these design ideas especially if they are appropriate to the event where you will use the party menu:

    • Elegant party menu
    • Vintage and/or retro party menu
    • Chalkboard party menu
    • Floral party menu

    There are still a lot of party menu designs that you may select from. Again, make sure that it is suitable for the party that you will hold and the type of people that you have invited to attend the party. Moreover, you should also consider your menu selection and the food service that will be done and implemented in the event.

    Other Kinds of Party Menus

    Aside from the usual party menu where the main courses, beverages and desserts are served, here are other kinds of party menus:

    • Tea Party Menu
    • Alcoholic Drink Party Menu
    • Cocktail and Mocktail Party Menu

    Aside from our blank party menu samples and templates that you can customize depending on your needs and particular specifications, you may also be interested to browse through and download our samples of Scroll Menu Templates and Ice Cream Menu Templates.

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